how does making an effort to avoid assumptions contribute to the practice of cultural pluralism? 

Watch this short video from Harvard Business Review about emotional intelligence and send me some feedback about it. Don’t worry if you didn’t understand all of it. Just watch it once or twice to try to get familiar with the vocabulary. Then, send me a short message explaining what you understood and what you learned (if anything).



Make a list of the top five priorities in your life (for example; fame, wealth, family.spirituality, peace of mind, individuality, artistic expression). compare your list with the priorities that seem to be valued in the culture in which you are currently living.(you can be as broad or as narrow as you like in defining culture for this exercise, such as overall U.S. culture or the culture in your college or university.) Do yore personal priorities align with the culture’s priorities? if not, how might this disparity affect your communication with other members of the culture?



how does making an effort to avoid assumptions contribute to the practice of cultural pluralism?


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