How can you leverage social media to improve your professional and academic networks?

Instructor Comments/Instructions:

Each week you’ve been learning important tools and strategies to keep you moving forward and juggling life, in general. This assignment will help you to identify career resources and explain how the skills and strategies you are learning can help you with your networking.

Ch. 6 on careers can help provide you with ideas for needed resources. This week’s brief articles and video on the Electronic Reserve Reading page also provide helpful information.

Answer all of the questions in the following table.

Respond in 50 to 100 words:

1. Who are the people in your life that can help you build your professional and academic networks? Consider your friends, family, current and past co-workers, current and former classmates, teachers, community members, and neighbors.

2. What is a professional organization you would like to join? How can joining this organization benefit you in terms of networking?

3. What are some academic associations or school clubs that can help you with your academic network?

4. How can you leverage social media to improve your professional and academic networks?

5. Identify at least one person who could potentially be a mentor for you in your career. Why and how do you think this person will be able to help you grow?

6. How can you continue to examine your career goals over time? How can you stay current in terms of assessing career opportunities? What would you do if you want to change your mind from one career path to another?

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