Holistic Pregnancy and Birthing Process

Holistic Pregnancy and Birthing Process

Childbirth is a natural process. Initially, this is not a controlled medical action. Excessive medicalization of childbirth in healthy women is the main problem of modern obstetric care. Thus, the aim of the assignment is to summarize the main issues, which are discussed in the article “Sociological Conceptualization of the Medicalization of Pregnancy and Childbirth: The Implications in Slovenia” written by Prosen and Tavčar Krajnc.Holistic Pregnancy and Birthing Process

Analyzing the article, it can be said that its objective is to rely on the most significant and widely cited works in this field, as well as other interesting studies, to show how the concept of “medicalization” in sociology has developed since the 1970s and has influenced the modern process of childbirth. The article shows that under the influence of feminism, this concept, referring to social control, has become one of the central in critical understanding of reproductive health. In the course of research of medicalized and non-medicalized childbirth, the needs of women and the transformation of institutions changed the idea about the person, who controls childbirth and the ways in which this process is happening. In such a way, the article uses the Slovenian experience to explore the process better and to explain its main aspects to the readers. On the one hand, the article presents a position that the concept of medicalization is connected with the comprehension of the formation of the institute of scientific medicine and the strengthening of its impact on humans in the context of the biopolitical regulation of the population. However, the processes that are designated by this term undergo changes. On the other hand, researchers show how patients, social movements, and the development of new technologies influence medical practices. The patient, as a consumer, becomes active by making choices in the medical services market.Holistic Pregnancy and Birthing Process


In conclusion, we have summarized the main concepts presented in the article, and have realized that medicalization of reproduction is considered as a form of social control, objectifying a woman and subordinating her to medicine / doctors. This is reflected in the technocratic model of childbirth. Moreover, it can be also said that different alternative ways are evolving; they are able to change the relationship between women and the doctor / midwife, and researchers describe them as holistic models or natural births. Many women are satisfied with the technocratic approach and the medicalization of childbirth, and when they want to control the situation, the control may refer to a variety of processes – from receiving information to participating in decision-making. Thus, medical delivery is different in different contexts.

Work Cited

Prosen, M. and Tavčar Krajnc, M. “Sociological Conceptualization of the Medicalization of Pregnancy and Childbirth: The Implications in Slovenia.” Revija Za Sociologiju, vol. 43, no. 3, 2013, pp. 251–272.Holistic Pregnancy and Birthing Process


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