History of International Migration to America

History of International Migration to America

America is a multi cultural and a multi racial society with immigrants coming in from any parts of the world. The history of immigration into America dates back to the coming of the Dutch.

Today the American society is made up of people from nay countries. There are a number of pull and push factors that have facilitated this movement. Mostly the economic as well as social factors motivate the migration for countries of origin into America.History of International Migration to America

A combination of political, economic and social factors pulled immigrants to settle in America. Blacks from Africa and the Caribbean immigrated to America due to better education opportunities.

During the 1600 and the 1700’s African American were forced into America as salves while, in the recent time better economic conditions and job opportunities are the main reason for immigration. A few come to America as political refuges (The American Legion 29; Kent 3). Similarly, better economic condition, job opportunities pulled a majority of Chinese to America from the 19th century.

During the 2800, Asians especially the Chinese came to America as gold miners and farmers. They were pulled into this country due to the existence of large deposits of gold in Californian as well as luxuriant wheat farming which needed cheap labor, of which the white American would not offer.

The Chinese, for instance referred the Gold deposits in California Mountain as the “Gim Saam” which mean the gold mountains (Perkins 1).


Unlike the African, Asians came to America due to religious persecution back home. As such they wee attracted to America by the existences of a free society within which there was freedom of worship. Some of these Asians include the Chinese who were escaping the Qing Dynasty due to religious differences in the 1850s.History of International Migration to America

Similarly the emigration of these communities from their home countries into America is facilitated by a number of factors. While the existence of the freedom o worship in was attractive, religious persecution and differences pushed some of these immigrants out of their countries.

They found refuge in America. Moreover, economic factors also pushed some of the emigrants from their home countries. In the 1800’s china there was rampant poverty which was characterized by unemployment hunger. This state of affair was the hallmark of the unpopular Qing dynasty.

As such, the Chinese left China in such of better jobs elsewhere. Incidentally at the same time, wheat farming as well as gold mining in California was luxuriant. So the emigrated from their countries. Like the Asians, there are economic reasons which cause emigration of African from their countries.

The existence of slave merchants in West Africa pulled blacks out of Africa in the 1600s and the 1700s. Currently majority of the black immigrants are from Africa and the Caribbean and move out of their counties to join their relatives in America, the she of better education, better jobs and the promise of better living conditions (Kent 3 to 5).

There are many factors, such as political, religious economic and social that have lead to the movement of people from their home countries into America. While each of these pull and push factors have been significant to some extent, some of these factors have played a bigger role than others.History of International Migration to America

Economic factors in this case the search of better jobs, business opportunities as well as poverty in the country of origin has motivated many people to leave their home countries to go to America through out history. In addition social factors such as the need to join ones family in America have lead many to move out of their countries.

Likewise, the search for better educational opportunities in America has motivated many especially Africans to migrate. Thus social political factors are major motivation for peoples’ movement from their home countries into America.

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