Health Promotion: Health Insurance Costs Reducing

Health Promotion: Health Insurance Costs Reducing

Health and well-being are the notions that stand in the middle of our society. These notions are guided by different factors like age, gender, ethnic heritage, previous history of diseases, economic status, geographic location, etc. Those involved in health promotion should pay attention to what the concept of health means to them as well as to those people the health promotion is targeted towards. By recognizing the difference in approaches of different individuals, health promotion may become instrumental in improving health conditions of a target group and the health care system in general (Edelman, Kudzma & Mandle, 2014, p. 2). Health Promotion: Health Insurance Costs Reducing

Health Promotion Levels

Health promotion is targeted towards increasing the control over the health of the target audiences as well as the improvement of their health. Although health promotions are usually targeted towards a specific disease or illness, they also have a general purpose: ensuring the reduction of general instances of poor health. When planning a health promotion, there are three levels of health promotion to be considered. The first level is who needs the intervention the second is what the intervention should be targeted towards, and how the main aims should be achieved (AFMC, 2014, para. 1).

Health Promotion into Practice

To analyze the above-listed levels, it is important to provide an example of a health intervention. For instance, type two diabetes is a growing disease that globally affects the system of healthcare (Sorensen et al., 2015, p. 192). Thus, the primary level of health promotion is the target audience which is the patients that do suffer from diabetes as well as individuals who are at high risks of getting diabetes. The second level is what is the intervention is targeted towards – raising awareness of the problem by means of offering support, counseling, and health services that are beneficial for reducing the instances of diabetes. The last level is how the intervention should be implemented. Community action in combination with the introduction of public policies and mass public campaigns can be the actions that can have a major impact on a grand scale. Health Promotion: Health Insurance Costs Reducing


Evidence-Based Practice

European health professionals Sorensen, Korsmo-Haugen, Maggini, Kuske, Icks and others proposed a diabetes health promotion that includes the list of necessary interventions. For their study selection and eligibility criteria scholars used type 2 diabetes patients aged 18 and older. The primary methods of implementing the health promotion included initiatives, non-pharmacological health promotions and strategies, education about dietary and physical activities, as well as health interventions that were targeted at increasing cooperation and communication across all public sectors in order to promote the concepts of health and well-being (Sorensen et al., 2015, p. 193). The overall ambition was to maximize the levels of interaction among promotion managers and the public, the public and the health care professionals, and health professionals and primary community stakeholders. Health Promotion: Health Insurance Costs Reducing


To conclude, when implemented accordingly, the participants of the health promotion are able to reduce the risks associated with the targeted disease as well as improve their knowledge about the importance of health and well-being (Health Outcomes Measures, 2013, para. 1). A health promotion can become an instrumental factor in reducing instances of a particular disease by means of raising awareness, and, as a result, minimize the costs that go towards health insurance. However, a health promotion requires persistence and combined efforts of the public, health care providers and promotion managers to be successful and have a long-term positive impact.


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