Health Administrator Essay Example

Health Administrator Essay Example


In every health care facility such as a hospital or clinic has a management which is responsible for operations within the hospital. Within the facilities are personnelreferred to as administrators who manage certain levels or all levels within the hospital. Davidoff et al, (2011) describe health care administrators as individuals or a group of people with healthcare unit or system who serve focal points of the other institutions such as the nursing homes, they are termed as the healthcare managers. Generally, they work slightly longer hours than normal employees in a hospital due to the nature of their work. They can be called at any time of the day or night to attend to a certain issue.Health Administrator Essay Example

Moreover, they may be required to take an unannounced mission such as inspection or meetings.  Lavis et al, (2015) Stipulate that there are two types of administrators within any health care system which are specialist and generalist. Generalist is tasked with the responsibility of managing the entire health facility such as hospital while a specialist is answerable to a specific department or unit within the facility. Such department may include marketing, human resource, and finance. Healthcare administrators are not in direct contact with patients.


However, most of the administrators are clinicians in practice in that they studied for medicine but took up the positions in the healthcare institutions. Verlene Luna is a generalist administrator at St. Francis medical center in Colorado. The interview was conducted at her office in St. Francis medical center following booking an appointment through their telephone line. Due to the nature of her work, the interview was conducted at the evening hours before the break. Their telephone contacts were obtained from St. Francis healthcare system which is very resourceful. Health Administrator Essay Example

She is very welcoming and accommodative despite her tight schedule. She is the general administrator of St. Francis medical center tasked with leadership, the operational, financial and administrative responsibility of the entire network. They have a mandate over facilities, designing budgets, hospital programmes, management and relation with other groups. However, their role varies depending on the size of the organization. According to her, they facilitate in designing and amending policies of a healthcare network and integrated the national policies which improve the health of public and system at large.


Further, she stipulates that healthcare administrator career is a vigorous task which needs professionalism and skills pertaining addition, a deeper understanding of healthcare system is required which include comprehending financial figures. The administrator must be willing to learn in order to gain ample experience. Like any other employee working in a hospital.

The administrator must be conversant with medical language in order to communicate with clinicians effectively. It is important that the administrator acquit him/ herself with the other with the other personnel in the hospital in order to understand hospital operations. In addition, she states that any administrator regardless of the type has to perform certain responsibility within the organization which include; Health Administrator Essay Example

Keeping medical and staff records.

  • Designing and observing budgets.
  • Monitoring the supply chain in order to track supplies.
  • Designing work programmes for the staff.
  • Updating records from patients which include insurance records.
  • Monitoring healthcare regulations to ensure compliance.
  • Providing answers to doctor, nurses and patients inquiry.

However, there is some basic requirement for one to become a healthcare administrator which are; a degree in health administration, public health or health management combined with communication skills. The administrator must be conversant with computer programs for recording purposes. Verlene Luna, is a competent health administrator having worked with other healthcare systems including Aultman Health Foundation. In a nutshell, she obtained his degree from Columbia College in Business administration. She serves as the nerve of St. Francis healthcare system with all management duties resting on her shoulders.Health Administrator Essay Example

Reference list

Davidoff, F., Batalden, P., Stevens, D., Ogrinc, G., & Mooney, S. (2011). Publication guidelines for quality improvement in health care: evolution of the SQUIRE project. BMJ Quality & Safety, 17(Suppl 1), i3-i9.


Lavis, J., Davies, H., Oxman, A., Denis, J. L., Golden-Biddle, K., & Ferlie, E. (2015). Towards systematic reviews that inform health care management and policy-making. Journal of health services research & policy, 10(1_suppl), 35-48. Health Administrator Essay Example

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