Have younger Americans lost the fear of Heroin?

I need 1 page research paper and 1 page opinion paper. i also need 2-3 references in MLA you can use any website they have to be up to date.

here is 1 reference


-Heroin epidemic and the United States. Changes in the way we treat chronic pain with medication in the early 1990’s. 1995 FDA approved OxyCotin (1.2 billion in sales in 2002) More than 10,500 heroin deaths reported in 2014, that is triple in four years. 2014 -75% started using heroin from prescription drugs. 2014, 21.5 million American had substance abuse problem. Is the fault with pharmaceutical companies and making billions of dollars? Pain management doctors and prescription drugs. Do hospitals and clinics that push for patient satisfaction cause addiction to prescription drugs? Did recent restrictions from the States (ex. Florida) on physician painkillers act as a cause of heroin addiction?
Many now mixing heroin with fentanyl (25 -40% more powerful than heroin) and oxycodone. Are drugs like OxyCotin and Vicodin “bridge/gateway drugs”? Heroin is readily available, very pure and cheaper than prescription pills. Heroin is more pure than in the past, meaning it can be snorted instead of only injected, opens up to a wider range of people willing to try the drug.
Is the problem than more young, white, middle class kids are heroin addicts? Pain management doctors in the 1990’s, title didn’t exist before the 90’s.
Generation “H”, is this entitled generation at fault or their parents? Has the thought of their parents protecting them form everything caused them to lose the fear of Heroin?
New York City began enforcing a state statute that requires a minor’s family to qualify for public assistance to be treated for addiction, many can not afford the treatment. Is the answer more money for more treatment.
Silver lining to a tragedy. Estimates are 1 out of 11 organ donors died because of a drug overdose. One concern is the danger of HIV, Hep. B & C etc. Testing shows most are young and disease free. Organ recipients are required to give consent when offered a high-risk organ.
Police and firemen being trained to administer (naloxone) Narcan to overdose patients.
New drugs developed to treat constipation by chronic narcotic users. Have younger Americans lost the fear of Heroin? Demographic shift of users, middle class Americans majority of cases. In upstate New York Ithaca proposed the nations first drug injection center to help prevent overdose deaths (2016), Sweden model. Computer program called iStop, it helps prevent doctor shopping for pain killers. Shows opioid prescriptions written for a patient.

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