Great Influence of Social Media Analytical

Great Influence of Social Media Analytical

Nowadays, there is no use denying the fact of a great influence of social media on all spheres of our life. People devote more and more time to this mean of communication.Great Influence of Social Media Analytical

Moreover, now it can be used not only for fun, however, people who have occupations connected with public activity can also be involved in the process of communication with the help of social media and networks.

To give a clear evidence to this statement, it is possible to analyze influence of social media on the work of an official face of a government.Great Influence of Social Media Analytical

It is obvious that personal account in any popular social network can help an official face to perform his/her work more efficiently. It goes without saying, that he/she will be able to analyze different points of view of people who visit the page of this official.

Taking these opinions into account, he/she will be able to give better pieces of advice to government and social aspects of politics will be improved. However, there are also some risks connected with the involvement of an official face of a government into social network activity.

Being a representative of the main power of a state, this person should be distant and reserved. He/she should save his authority and reputation. The profile in different social networks can, however, explode the reputation of this person.

The thing is, that there is a certain code of communication in the Internet and very often people say everything they think without taking into account some peculiarities of current situation.

Moreover, another risk is connected with publications of an official face of a government. He/she should keep in mind that all his/her words now are observed and followed, that is why, very often there are scandals connected with some messages of the officials in social networks.


To overcome all difficulties which this person can meet on his/her way it is possible to suggest some certain set of strategies which will guarantee success of his/her online engagement.

First of all, it should be said that a person should distinguish clearly the purposes of the use of social media (Mitchel, Gottfried, Killey & Matsa 2014). He/she should remember that official page or profile in some social network cannot be used for sharing some private information or for other private purposes (Guidelines for Peronal use of Social media n.d).

The only aim of this page should be its usage for the work of this person. Moreover, one more fact should always be taken into account.

The profile influences the image of an official greatly and that is why its design should meet the highest standards and demands on formatting of web sources in the Internet (Social Media Overview n.d). The content should also be mentioned.Great Influence of Social Media Analytical

It is the most important part of the personal page of an official, that is why it should be organized perfectly (Kietzmann, Hermkens, McCarthy & Silvestre 2011). It is possible to suggest introducing of special editors who will watch and redact all information which an official face of a government wants to publish (Social Media Policy for Official Social Media Accounts n.d).

Moreover, comments should also be censored. Abuse and some racist or other discriminatory statements should be deleted for this page not to become the place for disputes on the basis of gender, race or some other issues.

The information presented here should also be approved by the government as it is inappropriate for an official to publish data which can discriminate the work of the main state institution.
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