Geography homework help

Geography Assignment

This is an interesting assignment.  It is designed as an exploration.  You can chose your approach/role. Adventurer?, military analyst, or humanitarian… Do a one page briefing on both small Autonomous regions in or formerly in the Republic of Georgia, See the map in the lecture section (South Osettia is the third disputed district) Maps, photos and 3-5 sources are your minimum.

  1. Ajaria This is an interesting starting point.

What can you learn from the history of this small place on the border of the Russian and Islamic empires?

  1. Abkazia


Briefly trace the current political and military situation.  Who are the key players and what is the status of the place?  Why did it turn out the way it has? What is the disposition of the 250,000 Georgian refugees?  Why was the Koldori Gorge so important. Geography homework help


  1. Research the Caucus Mountains region in general: go to one or more one of the other interesting and restive places such as: South Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Chechnya, Dagestan,. You can also trace the history of one of the smaller ethnic groups that have more or less survived the millenniums…. Molokans, Svans, Circassians others?


  1. Plan a tourist visit to some of the following the wine or roses region of Georgia, climb Mt. Elbrus? and stay at the beach spas in the coastal region? or gamble, ski and re-live the Olympics in Sochi) Just upload pictures and a map and where to go for more info.




  1. Write a paragraph on your impressions of this and how a small traditional culture is coping with globalization. Cut and paste Geography homework help

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