Gender Typing of Toys for Children Essay

Gender Typing of Toys for Children Essay

Babies obtain different skills every day, they speed of their development is great, especially if it is motivated with the help of the corresponding toys. The most appropriate toys for these age groups are those, which help to develop attention, motor skills, rolling and crawling, hand-eye coordination. The site offers Doll plush toy for infant girls. The strong points about this toy are the super soft fabric and PP cotton filler, they are nice and safe for a baby. This doll has nice design with lovely face and fashionable dress. It could be a great companion for a baby girl, when she goes for a walk or goes to bed. For a preschool girl the site offers a toy makeup set. Certainly all small ladies like to imitate their mothers and they would be happy to get such a present. This toy could help small girls to reveal their creativity and imagination, to invent a lot of stories and scenarios for plays.Gender Typing of Toys for Children Essay Pretend game is the best one for fantasy-oriented minds of small children. They learn how to use various elements and components, how to perform different roles in lives, like adult people do during their every day lives. The option for older girls is a Baby Born Doll. It is a perfect imitation of a baby. A little mother learns how to care for somebody and perform the needed duties. This doll is so popular among elementary-school aged girls, as this is the moment, when they start to realize the real roles of women and mothers, they understand that sometimes the day will come, when they will transform from children into mothers themselves.


The toys for infants are not that much split on the basis of gender, but still a baby smartphone is offered for baby boys. It is bright and would be definitely attractive for babies, as they like to touch bright things, to press the buttons and to get the result in the form of either music or light. This contributes to sensory and motor development of children of this age group. For preschoolers there is dream part wooden educational toy in the form of a wooden shape color sorting. This is a toy and a puzzle, a child could spend a lot of time, learning colors, shapes and even the numbers. Actually, this toy is suitable for both girls and boys, as it does not have any specific gender characteristics. For elementary school boys there is a toy car, which could be assembled with the help of the instruments set. It includes car parts, tires, electronic drill with batteries and it is perfect for development of children attention span, for hand-eye coordination and memory. Also it is a perfect exercise for problem solving.Gender Typing of Toys for Children Essay

There are a lot of parents, who are overwhelmed by the idea to let their daughters play with cars or would never present dolls to their sons. They are concerned that such approach could hinder the appropriate psychological development of the children and would not allow them form adequate understanding of the gender roles in the society. Researchers, in their turn, are concerned about the current gender segregation of toys and its consequent impact upon children. In the 1970s for example there were no clear gender marking for toys. Marketers were convinced that it is necessary to avoid any gender stereotypes. Somehow, in the modern society, which seems to struggle for equality of genders, toys gender segregation is more evident. In fact all toys bear similar goals, they are needed for children in order to develop new physical and intellectual skills. Thus dolls are able to teach children of empathy and care towards other individuals irrespective of their gender. Children are able to associate their toys with any gender preferences only after they start to realize their own gender. Babies and younger children might not have these preferences yet. Later, they try to imitate adults and behave typically for their gender.

Overall, parents and educators should be careful, when choosing the toys for the children, they should consider the age and the needs of the concrete child, leaving the gender issues for later periods of children development.Gender Typing of Toys for Children Essay


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