Gender Studies: Powerful Women Essay

Gender Studies: Powerful Women Essay

Our modern age is characterized by a great struggle for democracy and equal rights for all layers of society. People are trying to get rid of racial and sex prejudices. That is why there is a tendency in society to give more and more attention to women, their rights, and role in society.

Being isolated for a long period of our history, women now are coming out of the shadow, becoming more and more significant for the social and political life of the world. However, it is still difficult for them to obtain equal rights with men. Under such conditions, women should obtain more power to help the rest of them in the whole world and try to change it for the better.Gender Studies: Powerful Women Essay

The problem is that even nowadays, in the age of tolerance and democracy, women have fewer chances to obtain a good education or find a good job because of still existing sex prejudices. Traditionally, women are expected to become teachers or get some other occupation, which is considered to be feminine (Online Guide to Women in the Workforce: Past and Present, 2013). However, things changed due to some historical events and activists among women who did not agree with the existing state of affairs.


The aftermath of WWII led to labor scarcity, and women obtained their chance. Moreover, guided by feminist thinkers like Gloria Steinem, women began trying themselves in the sphere of business (Online Guide to Women in the Workforce: Past and Present, 2013). This fact just underlines the importance of a good leader which can inspire woman to fight for their rights.

There are not many women which can influence society. However, Gloria Steinem is one of them. She is “a writer, lecturer, editor, and feminist activist” (Who Is Gloria? n.d.).She has influenced greatly the development of feministic movement and improvement of the state of women all over the world.

Being an ardent supporter of ideas of feminism, she devoted all her life to attempts to release our society from manifestations of sexism. She created a special informational center whose main aim is to guarantee children nonsexist, multicultural education (Who Is Gloria? n.d.). With this in mind, it is possible to call her a person, which can help the rest of women to improve their status and become more confident in their forces.Gender Studies: Powerful Women Essay

However, there is an opposite opinion in a coherent society. Its adherers consider women to be not able to perform some masculine work and that is why they should concentrate on traditional feminine duties, such as raising children, caring about household and being a good wife for her husband.

Adherers of this idea have their own evidence. They state the fact that very few women have real power in the modern world, that is why they think that it is not womens main duty. However, these people forget about some historical peculiarities which influenced womens fate greatly. That is why, in a coherent society which proclaims ideas of tolerance women have chances to change their life.

Having analyzed the data, it is possible to come to certain conclusions. First of all, it should be said that even nowadays women still have problems with finding a job or realizing their potential. That is why they should struggle for their rights. They can be inspired by powerful women, who have achieved some successes in society. Gloria Steinem can be one of them. Being very powerful women, she tries to get rid of sexual prejudices and help women all over the world. She can really make women want more and struggle for their rights.

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