Gender Roles and Family Systems in Hispanic Culture Essay

Gender Roles and Family Systems in Hispanic Culture Essay


To understand the impact of traditional gender roles in the community and various family systems, it is necessary to consider them in various populations. These roles play a significant role in defining the relationship among various family members. In my opinion, I suggest that the key decisions are made depending on the roles one plays in the family. Cultures describe the different roles men and women have to play in a family.

In the Hispanic culture, ‘marianismo’ and ‘machismo’ are the terms used to determine the various behavioral expectations among the family members. In addition, there is an emphasis that is placed on the community and family setups that define the expectations couples have and the decision-making. At this point, the importance of societal and cultural norms is reinforced. Gender Roles and Family Systems in Hispanic Culture Essay


Gender Roles

The idealized and traditional cultural expectations of behavior among men and women in the Hispanic culture are referred to as machismo and marianismo. Machismo is the feeling of being dominant, independent, and vigorous, while marianismo is being obedient, weak, and chaste. Some researchers argue that these gender roles are outdated and do not apply anymore. Other researchers suggest that they have an impact on the interaction and behavior among the couples in Hispanic culture (Aronson and Kimmel 173).


I believe that men in the community have and should continue taking the lead role in providing for the family. The female job descriptions should be left to remain the same. The argument for this is that the duties a man does have no substantial effect on his hormonal balances. However, it has a tremendous impact on women.Gender Roles and Family Systems in Hispanic Culture Essay

In modern society, women have stepped up to do men’s jobs. They are taking up leadership positions in families, thus affecting the man’s ego. This phenomenon explains the reason why family breakups have become common in our society (Hooks 65).

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