Gender Equity Issues in Work Practices Essay

Gender Equity Issues in Work Practices Essay

The problem depicted in the case study revolves around the commitment to diversity issues, especially as they relate to the perpetration of gender inequities and insensitivities in day-to-day work practices. The woman director feels that the two genders are not accorded a level playing ground with regard to professional development as well as hiring and promotion, leading to the departure of several highly talented women professionals.Gender Equity Issues in Work Practices Essay

Gathering information to Access Accuracy of Perceptions

As the vice president of administration and finance at the university, it would be plausible to begin investigations into the allegations of gender inequity practices by gathering information from other leaders and directors to evaluate the accuracy of the perceptions. The best way to proceed with the gathering of information is to arrange for individual discussions with members of the leadership team to discuss the allegations and core issues and values involved.Gender Equity Issues in Work Practices Essay

The major benefit of this approach is that it provides individual members of the leadership team with the confidence and space needed to open up without fear of retribution from fellow members. Accusations of gender inequality in the workplace are quite sensitive in nature and scope, hence the need to provide a secure environment for further discussion of the issue.


Another benefit of this approach is that it may lead to other important revelations as employees often feel obliged to divulge more information when they know that their confidentiality is guaranteed. However, a major disadvantage revolves around the fact that some members may not be sincere and may perceive such an opening as an opportunity to settle scores with their colleagues.

Overall, the discussion should be framed in the form of an inquiry which aims to get to the bottom of the matter without jeopardizing the privacy and confidentiality of the source. As a leader, it is important to maintain self-awareness and demonstrate initiative in commencing deliberations aimed at taking proactive steps to deal with the problem.

Benefits and Risks of Sharing the Issue

The benefits of sharing the issue with the director or others in the department include (1) possibility to get more clarity and deep insights on the issue, (2) possibility to make a good decision based on the information collected, and (3) possibility for collaboration in seeking for answers. The risks include the possibility for bias as well as the propensity to entrench further divisions within the department.Gender Equity Issues in Work Practices Essay

Options for Validating Gender Inequity

The issue can be validated by undertaking an independent inquiry involving members perceived to be discriminated upon in professional development as well as in hiring and promotion. The leadership of the department can also decide to develop a strategy entailing careful observation, documentation, and analysis of all the issues perceived to be contributing to the issue. Additionally, the institution could choose to undertake a survey to get objective and quantifiable responses on the issue.


The best way to proceed after evaluating the situation is to develop a strategy that will drive a paradigm shift on the way gender issues are handled in the department. If the director’s perceptions are inaccurate or exaggerated, it would be important to develop a strategy that underscores the importance of morals and integrity in the workplace.

If the director’s perceptions are indeed accurate, however, a short-term approach to deal with the issue would be to develop and implement a policy that underscores the importance of workplace diversity, while a longer-term approach would be to conduct rigorous training and awareness campaigns on the need and importance of gender equity in the workplace.Gender Equity Issues in Work Practices Essay


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