Gender and Sports Research Paper

Gender and Sports Research Paper

Gender and Sports

Both men and women actively take part in physical activities to improve their physical abilities and skills at the same time enjoying themselves and entertaining spectators. There exist substantial differences in training approaches with male and female athletes as seen bellow.

Female athletes tend to be more coachable than their male colleagues.  They are always ready to try new techniques and especially if it is for the greater good. Males, on the other hand, tend to be more convinced of their prowess and hence find it hard to try new techniques. This makes it hard for their coaches to train them, unlike the female athletes who give their coaches an easy time.


Most of the female athletes struggle with their confidence. This means a lot of time has to be spent on building their confidence which is very important in any sporting activity. Confidence enables the athlete to express herself and therefore able to raise issues which she feels are fair or unfair to her. Male athlete on the other hand seldom suffers from confidence (The She Network, 2019). They believe in themselves and hence adapt to the training pretty fast. Training females therefore requires a lot of patience.Gender and Sports Research Paper

When training females, they should be allowed to speak their minds out as their brains are designed to have more elaborate verbal communication skills. Allowing them to communicate makes them perform better as they can easily bond hence teamwork. Additionally, while training them, the trainers should focus on improving the female athlete’s memories. Female athletes tend to recall experiences with more detail and emotions. Therefore, training should focus on this aspect for the greater good. Female athletes substantially get affected by fitness issues necessitating the need for a multi-faceted training approach. The approach should comprise of a fitness program that emphasizes flexibility and strength training (Gilbert, 2016). It should also include implementation of a sport-specific pre-workout protocol to ultimately acclimate the athlete’s body to the demands of her sport to avoid injuries.Gender and Sports Research Paper

In conclusion, I was surprised to realize that communication plays a significant part in the success and failure of a female athlete. Additionally, gender differences play substantial roles in a training career. Female should be given a chance to resolve an issue in a group setting due to their ability to express their emotions, unlike men


Gilbert, D. (2016). Coaching Males/Coaching Females. Coach Education Center, 1-2.

The She Network. (2019). The Importance of Developing an Injury Prevention Program for High School Female Athletes. The She Network, 1-2.

Gender and Sports Research Paper

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