Fungi Diversity

BI 101 Online Study Guide
Fungi Diversity Study Guide
• To be filled out while you view the lecture and read the assigned text.
Learning Objectives
● Describe and identify the common names AND scientific names of all five main phyla of fungi. ● List key features of each phyla that identifies each phylum. ● Describe how fungi obtain food. ● Discuss reproductive strategies of fungi and identify important cells/structures. ● Describe the role of fungi in mycorrhizae and lichen.
Key Terms
mutualism parasites mycorrhizae Chytridiomycota lichen mycobiont photobiont Glomeromycota fungi yeasts decomposers Ascomycota (sac fungi) mushrooms zygomycosis gills Basidiomycota (club fungi) mycelium hyphae spores Zygomycota (molds) extracellular digestion
Fungi Diversity:
1. List the three different lifestyles that fungi can exhibit and give an example of each.
2. List the four defining characteristics of fungi. a.
3. What is one of the only characteristics that fungi share with plants?
4. The _____________ makes up the majority of the fungus body and consists of a complex mass of filaments.
5. Explain the difference between a hyphae and a mycelium.
6. _____________is the main component of the fungus cell wall. What other types of structures in other organisms can this substance be found?
Fungi Diversity – 1
BI 101 Online Study Guide
7. What is an exozyme (short for exo-enzyme)?
8. Describe the two different types of reproductive structures that are found in the fungi kingdom. a.
Which of these two structures is more common in the fungi kingdom?
9. Which is a more prominent structure in fungi, the reproductive structures or the mycelium? Think about this both in terms of size and longevity.
10. List several characteristics of fungal spores and how they contribute to the reproductive success of fungi.
11. List several examples of ways that humans benefit from fungi.
12. What is a fungi derived disease called? An example might be athlete’s foot or a yeast infection.
13. Are fungi ever a threat to other life forms such as plants and animals? Explain.
14. For each of the five major phyla of fungi, list some important features that are unique to that group. a. Chytridiomycota:
b. Zygomycetes:
c. Glomeromycetes:
d. Basidiomycetes:
e. Ascomycetes:
Fungi Diversity – 2
BI 101 Online Study Guide
15. When we purchase a mushroom from the grocery store to put on a pizza or in an omelet, is the structure that we are buying a hyphae or mycelium? Explain.
16. Two types of ecologically important relationships fungi contribute to are _______________ and ___________.
17. What are the two different parts of a lichen?
18. The mycobiont is usually from the phylum ____________, while the photobiont can be either a ____________ or a ____________.
19. Describe how a lichen reproduces.
20. Lichens are said to be “bio-indicators” of _______________ quality because many species only grow where there is a lack of ____________.
21. Mycorrhizae is a mutualistic relationship between a ________________ and a________________.
22. What does each component contribute to the relationship?
23. After viewing the last slide of the lecture presentation, describe the differences between a tree that was planted with and without mycorrhizae.
24. Answer the following about the fungi phyla. a. What is the most primitive group i.e. the outgroup? ___________________.
b. Which two divisions are most closely related? _____________________ & ______________.
c. Which division has the greatest number of described species? _______________________.
Fungi Diversity – 3
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