Fundamentals of Nursing Exam Questions and Answers

Fundamentals of Nursing Exam Questions and Answers
The doctor orders hourly urine output measurement for a postoperative male client. The nurse Trish records the following amounts of output for 2 consecutive hours: 8 a.m.: 50 ml; 9 a.m.: 60 ml. Based on these amounts, which action should the nurse take?

  1. Continue to monitor and record hourly urine output
  2. Irrigate the indwelling urinary catheter
  3. Increase the I.V. fluid infusion rate
  4. Notify the physician

The physician prescribes a loop diuretic for a client. When administering this drug, the nurse anticipates that the client may develop which electrolyte imbalance?

  1. Hypokalemia
  2. Hyperkalemia
  3. Hypernatremia
  4. Hypervolemia

Tony, a basketball player, twists his right ankle while playing on the court and seeks care for ankle pain and swelling. After the nurse applies ice to the ankle for 30 minutes, which statement by Tony suggests that ice application has been effective?

  1. “My ankle appears redder now”.
  2. “I need something stronger for pain relief”
  3. “My ankle looks less swollen now”.
  4. “My ankle feels warm”.

Nurse Trish is caring for a female client with a history of GI bleeding, sickle cell disease, and a platelet count of 22,000/μl. The female client is dehydrated and receiving dextrose 5% in half-normal saline solution at 150 ml/hr. The client complains of severe bone pain and is scheduled to receive a dose of morphine sulfate. In administering the medication, Nurse Trish should avoid which route?

  1. Oral
  2. S.C
  3. I.M
  4. I.V

Nurse Gray places a client in a four-point restraint following orders from the physician. The client care plan should include:

  1. Check circulation every 15-30 minutes.
  2. Assess temperature frequently.
  3. Socialize with other patients once a shift.
  4. Provide diversional activities.

The nurse In-charge in labor and delivery unit administered a dose of terbutaline to a client without checking the client’s pulse. The standard that would be used to determine if the nurse was negligent is:

  1. The actions of a reasonably prudent nurse with similar education and experience.
  2. The physician’s orders.
  3. The statement in the drug literature about administration of terbutaline.
  4. The action of a clinical nurse specialist who is recognized expert in the field.

A newly admitted female client was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis. Which nursing diagnosis should receive the highest priority?

  1. Excess fluid volume related to peripheral vascular disease.
  2. Ineffective peripheral tissue perfusion related to venous congestion.
  3. Impaired gas exchange related to increased blood flow.
  4. Risk for injury related to edema.

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Nurse Labs is assigned to the following clients. The client that the nurse would see first after endorsement?

  1. A 44 year-old myocardial infarction (MI) client who is complaining of nausea.
  2. A 34 year-old post operative appendectomy client of five hours who is complaining of pain.
  3. A 26 year-old client admitted for dehydration whose intravenous (IV) has infiltrated.
  4. A 63 year-old post operative’s abdominal hysterectomy client of three days whose incisional dressing is saturated with serosanguinous fluid.

A male client who has severe burns is receiving H2 receptor antagonist therapy. The nurse In-charge knows the purpose of this therapy is to:

  1. Enhance gas exchange
  2. Prevent stress ulcer
  3. Facilitate protein synthesis.
  4. Block prostaglandin synthesis

Dr. G writes the following order for the client who has been recently admitted “Digoxin .125 mg P.O. once daily.” To prevent a dosage error, how should the nurse document this order onto the medication administration record?

  1. “Digoxin 0.125 mg P.O. once daily”
  2. “Digoxin .125 mg P.O. once daily”
  3. “Digoxin .1250 mg P.O. once daily”
  4. “Digoxin 0.1250 mg P.O. once daily”

She finds out that some managers have benevolent-authoritative style of management. Which of the following behaviors will she exhibit most likely?

  1. Communicates downward to staffs.
  2. Have condescending trust and confidence in their subordinates.
  3. Allows decision making among subordinates.
  4. Gives economic and ego awards.

Nurse Amileen is aware that the following is true about functional nursing

  1. One-to-one nurse patient ratio.
  2. Provides continuous, coordinated and comprehensive nursing services.
  3. Emphasize the use of group collaboration.
  4. Concentrates on tasks and activities.

Fundamentals of Nursing Exam Questions and Answers
A male client is admitted and diagnosed with acute pancreatitis after a holiday celebration of excessive food and alcohol. Which assessment finding reflects this diagnosis?

  1. Blood pressure above normal range.
  2. Hyperactive bowel sounds
  3. Sudden onset of continuous epigastric and back pain.
  4. Presence of crackles in both lung fields. – Given

A male client is receiving total parenteral nutrition suddenly demonstrates signs and symptoms of an air embolism. What is the priority action by the nurse?

  1. Place the client in high-Fowlers position.
  2. Notify the physician.
  3. Stop the total parenteral nutrition.
  4. Place the client on the left side in the Trendelenburg position. – Given

Nurse Michelle witnesses a female client sustain a fall and suspects that the leg may be broken. The nurse takes which priority action?

  1. Immobilize the leg before moving the client.
  2. Takes a set of vital signs.
  3. Reassure the client that everything will be alright.
  4. Call the radiology department for X-ray.

A newly admitted female client was diagnosed with agranulocytosis. The nurse formulates which priority nursing diagnosis?

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Risk for infection
  3. Deficient knowledge
  4. Constipation

Which type of medication order might read “Vitamin K 10 mg I.M. daily × 3 days?”

  1. Standing order
  2. Stat order
  3. Single order
  4. Standard written order

Which instruction should nurse Tom give to a male client who is having external radiation therapy:

  1. Protect the irritated skin from sunlight.
  2. Eat 3 to 4 hours before treatment.
  3. Apply lotion or oil to the radiated area when it is red or sore.
  4. Wash the skin over regularly.

Which dietary guidelines are important for nurse Oliver to implement in caring for the client with burns?

  1. Monitor intake to prevent weight gain.
  2. Provide high-protein, high-carbohydrate diet.
  3. Provide ice chips or water intake.
  4. Provide high-fiber, high-fat diet

A male client is being transferred to the nursing unit for admission after receiving a radium implant for bladder cancer. The nurse in-charge would take which priority action in the care of this client?

  1. Encourage the client to take frequent rest periods.
  2. Place client on reverse isolation.
  3. Admit the client into a private room.
  4. Encourage family and friends to visit.

In assisting a female client for immediate surgery, the nurse In-charge is aware that she should:

  1. Explore the client’s fears and anxieties about the surgery.
  2. Encourage the client to void following preoperative medication.
  3. Encourage the client to drink water prior to surgery.
  4. Assist the client in removing dentures and nail polish.

A female client with a fecal impaction frequently exhibits which clinical manifestation?

  1. Increased appetite
  2. Hard, brown, formed stools
  3. Liquid or semi-liquid stools
  4. Loss of urge to defecate

Nurse Hazel will administer a unit of whole blood, which priority information should the nurse have about the client?

  1. Blood pressure and pulse rate.
  2. Height and weight.
  3. Calcium and potassium levels
  4. Hgb and Hct levels.

Nurse Marlon prepares to perform an otoscopic examination on a female client. For proper visualization, the nurse should position the client’s ear by:

  1. Pulling the helix up and back
  2. Pulling the helix up and forward
  3. Pulling the lobule down and forward
  4. Pulling the lobule down and back

Nurse Nam attends an educational conference on leadership styles. The nurse is sitting with a nurse employed at a large trauma center who states that the leadership style at the trauma center is task-oriented and directive. The nurse determines that the leadership style used at the trauma center is:

  1. Autocratic.
  2. Laissez-faire.
  3. Democratic.
  4. Situational

Fundamentals of Nursing Exam Questions and Answers

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