Forensic Investigations Research Essay

Forensic Investigations Research Essay

Do identical twins have the same fingerprints?

Although identical twins have identical genes that give them similar patterns, they do not have identical fingerprints. Small alterations in the womb setting play a significant part in giving twins different fingerprints.  Thumbprints are not exclusively a hereditary feature but are a part of a phenotype and are determined by the relationship of an individual’s genetic factors and the womb’s setting. Minor variations in fingerprints are as a result of arbitrary local events during the fetal growth. Genetic factors define the overall features of the patterns of fingerprints (Barnes, 2010). Nonetheless, in the womb, finger tissue comes into contact with the amniotic fluid, other parts of the fetus and the womb during the first six to thirteen weeks of pregnancy, substantial alterations take place which affect the patterns of fetus, fingerprints.


   Do you believe that a document examiner provides assistance to the court?Forensic Investigations Research Essay

I firmly believe that document examiners play a substantial role in a court of law. The sentiments presented by document examiners serve as a confirmation of a crime. In addition, experts play a pivotal role in determining whether the documents presented as evidence is genuine or not (Gupta, 2018). This takes place through evaluating the regularity of arising cases of handwriting features available in the probed text and standard document by process of contrast in order to calculate the natural variation between both sets. However, the role of the document examiners greatly depends on their honesty, competence, and experience acquired through different cases, and training. Besides, it also depends on the document examiner’s ability to present the documents before a court of law with suitable reasoning based on scientific analysis which prevents the miscarriage of justice. In conclusion, to solve the ever changing nature of crime, there is dire need for the relevant authorities to adopt new and effective scientific methods in crime investigation.


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