Exposure to Violence at Home

Child & Family Development
In Assignment 1: You will choose one of the six (6)   problems children experience daily.
• Describe the problem
• How common is this problem?
• Who is affected by the problem?
• What theories explain this problem?
• Has the problem changed over the last decade?
• How credible is the research you found related to this problem?
• Is there generally a consensus about the key aspects of the problems, or is there a lot of controversy?
• 1.  Video Game Addiction
• 2. Exposure to Violence at Home
• 3.  Children and Substance Abuse
• 4.  Cyberbullying (Online Bullying)
• 5.  Children Watching Porn
• 6.   Children and Eating Disorders

• Number of published, peer-reviewed sources required; must all be published within the last 8 years. (5)
Length required (not including title page and references (800-1200 words)
Reference style required- American Psychological Association, 6th edition

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