Explain the differences between Excel and Access and the advantage of Access.

12/6/16 @12:00 p.m. 750-850 words 100 percent original with at least 2 references APA format


As the project manager of the newly designed system for the oncology department, you are asked to provide a memo for the upcoming meeting with the chief executive officer (CEO) and a few senior managers. They are unaware of the features that have been designed and need a quick refresher prior to implementation. Therefore, you will provide and explain the details of the following:


  • Explain the differences between Excel and Access and the advantage of Access.
  • Outline the purpose of data analysis, data transformation, and visualization.
  • Give an overview of business intelligence and data warehousing.
  • Explain the basics of building tables.
  • Evaluate the use of pivot tables.
  • Identify the database to be used.
  • Explain the concept of functions and expressions.


The use of APA style is expected.

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