Executive Branch Essay Sample

Executive Branch Essay Sample


Americans are privileged enough to have a constitution that puts up with different circumstances. Its elasticity preserves the constitution in its original form.  Calabresi et al, (2012) depicts that changes and new necessities facilitate in keeping the constitution alive. The founding father believed that the most vital thing is to preserve the voice of the people  to prevent tyranny. In order to achieve this, they divided the authorities of control into three branches. Executive Branch Essay Sample

The foundersdevised a mechanism that accorded each branch powers and privilege to restrain the other arm in a calm and systematic way. Entman (2011) adds that the system enabled the three branch to coordinate to steer the government’s mandate to the people. This system’s main goal was to limit the power of each branch such that no branch had the freedom and power to supersede the other. This brought some cohesion and cooperation between the three arms of the government. Moreover, any project or action to be done within the American government requires support from more than one arm of the government.Executive Branch Essay Sample

However, the executive branch is the strongest among the three. Prakash (2013) depicts that executive carries out all laws. American republic was the first to have a strong executive formerly intended to be strong and republican as possible. The long life of American constitution portrays it as the best model for other countries. The framers of the republic wanted America to be an idol for other countries through refraining from monarchical system and preserving the reputation of republicanism. The previous republics had founded their government in the rule of law as a method to avert tyrannism.Executive Branch Essay Sample

This was a safer method than bestowing all the reigns in one person. However, the rule of law was defective since the law could be altered in various circumstances. Such potholes made the rule of law ineffective. The founding fathers of the nation therefore decided to create the presidency. The president was perceived as the source of energy in the government. Notably, the fathers integrated the rule of law into the government as a necessity for the republicans. In this integration, the executive was headed by the president. The president’s mandate was to carry the will of the people and instruction from both arms. Bradley et al, (2014) further details that, the integrative governance prevented assimilation of one man governance into the constitution or tyranny.Executive Branch Essay Sample

In such a case the rule of law would take over. However, the legislature was exceedingly commanding the executive in the process of keeping check and balance. The weak executive was made subordinate to the legislature. The parliamentary side amplified the supremacy of the legislature in their perception that it should govern a well- made constitution. These excess powers instituted by the legislature were against the constitution and founding father’s will. Legislature was slowly masking a clearly outlined rule in, that the head of state has the authority to pardon, receive ambassadors, and make treaties with senate among others.


The executive represents the energy of the government and maintains stability of all he arms of the government.  Entman (2011) stipulates that in times of crisis, the public turns all eyes to the president because energy emanates from the office. A strong executive is therefore necessary in the government. The president is deemed responsible for any crisis in the government. Through creating the presidency slot within the constitution the founders wanted a strong executive.Framers of the nations fashioned a strong executive. A strong executive will withstand domination from the legislature.Executive Branch Essay Sample

The president submits the budget and appoints officials in the judiciary and executive arms. A strong executive would encounter opposition from the congress.  Prakash (2013) depicts that the legislature works to limit the powers of the executive. A strong executive would supress the powers of the legislature thus altering checks and balance. The framers of the nation provided the right direction upon which the state should lead to avoid tyranny by instituting the ‘checks’. The founders understood that executive authority would jeopardize liberty. Having a strong executive would threaten people’s freedom. The checks instituted prevent possibility of having an ‘elected king’. With the current regime, this is the case which is against the will of the founding fathers. The powers held currently by the office of the president are relative to that of the king.Executive Branch Essay Sample

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