Euthanasia and Human’s Right to Die Essay

Euthanasia and Human’s Right to Die Essay

People have an explicit right to die. However, modern science and medicine try to reject this fact or at least to put off the day of human death. Still, there are cases when people have to choose whether to live or to die, and it is twice difficult when one is unable to make such a decision and relatives have to decide instead of him/her. Euthanasia is the topic for discussion. Being one of the most contestable issues, the quarrel around this problem does not stop.Euthanasia and Human’s Right to Die Essay

Both sides of the problem have personal vision of the situation, and none of them wants to agree with the opposite argumentation. Euthanasia is an ethical issue as modern equipment allows medical establishments to support life almost forever. This is incorrect due to the law of God, therefore, switching off all the equipment, people follow God’s decision and give a person an opportunity to die in piece.

Euthanasia as a Murder

There are a lot of reasons why euthanasia should be prohibited. First of all, modern science is aimed at creating various means for prolonging human life.Euthanasia and Human’s Right to Die Essay


When relatives refer to euthanasia they kill a person as there are variants for him/her to stay alive. The possibilities of a human organism are not studied up to the end. There are a lot of cases when a person was agreed by doctors to be more dead than alive, but after it one continues living for many years. Medicine is aimed at giving people a chance to live, and euthanasia is the measure which kills them.

Human life is sacred. Ceasing human life means murder. Doctors are mistaken sometimes and the prognosis may be not that bad as doctors say. Many patients themselves sign up the permission for euthanasia as they are afraid of pain and obscurity. Still, I am inclined to think that all these reasons do not work when a person is almost dead and in case all the equipment is switched off he/she is unable to live.

Euthanasia as the Way to Make People Free from Pain

Euthanasia is not a murder, it is the way to release a person from pain. People have a sacred right to die and if God is sure that death should take place, neither modern medical achievements nor scientific equipment may help. When life is impossible without modern medical equipment, when a person is unable to breathe, eat, drink, have blood pressure, etc. without medical assistance this is not a life, it is a survival.Euthanasia and Human’s Right to Die Essay

In this case a patient is unable to make decisions, however, it is obvious that everyone would better die than live without any sign of life. Choosing euthanasia as the way out, relatives usually think about a patient and his/her interests. What is better for a patient, a lengthy existence without reasonable signs of life or death which may be not the end? I suppose death is better in this case as when there are no chances for a person to lead normal life, it is better not to lead it at all.


In conclusion, it should be stated that there are several arguments in favor of euthanasia which cannot be covered by those who are against it. The main argument is that people are created by God and they cannot decide whether a person should live or not. Trying to support human life with the help of modern equipment is a good idea, however, not in case there are no chances for a person to live without that equipment. In this case euthanasia is a release.Euthanasia and Human’s Right to Die Essay

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