Ethical Decision-Making

Ethical Decision-Making.

 Conduct an Internet search for the Core Concepts of Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring/Caring Science article.
Read the article.
Complete the questions from Box 15-1: Ethics Inventory.
Important instructions: I need 2 papers. –One paper is only to complete all questions from box 15.1 that will be attached. Not need APA. Only need to write the question and the answer for each questions. Please do not miss questions.
–Second Paper will be to Select an ethical dilemma you would face as an NP.
Then:   Write a 1,300-word paper addressing the following:
1. Identify which provision of the nursing code of ethics would be violated in the ethical dilemma. How can you use the code of ethics to address the issue?
2. How can you create an ethical environment in your workplace to bring about awareness for other nurses in this area?
3. Explain how you can use Watson’s theory of human caring as a guide when encountering ethical decisions.
****Povide references for all sources cited and format according to APA guidelines. Please use at least two resources beyond your course text and materials. Master level writing. Cover page Needed. Needs to be original. Attached will be box 15.1  and how the professor is gonna grade the assignment.
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Ethical Decision-Making

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