Environmental Pollution Example Essay

Environmental Pollution Example Essay

Environmental pollution is one of the most dangerous problems affecting the planet nowadays. Unfortunately, it becomes harder and harder to manage its negative results and effect. According to UCCEE (2006), all the five basic types, including water, air, light, noise and soil pollution, are damaging to nature, as well as human mental and physical health. Air pollution is among the greatest problems, with which the humanity is fighting and trying to solve. One of its worst types is smog. It causes lung cancer and allergies to people, as well as breathing problems and complications to flora and fauna of the earth. It happens because the means of transportation and different factories pollute the atmosphere with a plethora of harmful substances. Among the least devastating outcomes for a human being, there is defective vision and eyes irritation, but even these reasons lead to tragic results like vehicle crashes and victims. It is important to understand the causes and effects of smog in details to find some appropriate solutions to this problem.Environmental Pollution Example Essay

Smog is technically fog that contains different particles, being a combination of air and its pollutants. It is not hard to recognize it because of typically yellowish or sometimes blackish fog that appears in the areas of industrial emissions and vehicular waste. According to the article by Earth Eclipse (2016), smog occurs because “emissions and particulates – nitrogen and sulfur oxides and explosive organic combinations – react in the presence of sunlight to form ground-level ozone” (para. 1). There are several leading causes of smog, namely, the usage of coal for heating and getting energy for industrial needs, transportation emissions, and natural reasons. An example of the latter is a volcanic eruption. Furthermore, while burning coal for getting heat and energy, an enormous amount of smoke containing sulfur oxides penetrates into the air. These particles reduce air quality, and it is mostly visible in urban areas, because of the tighter concentration of industrial establishments, power plants and means of transport. Vehicles release substances that are created from fuel combustion that also contributes to the formation of smog. Industrial waste contains harmful gases that enter into a chemical reaction with atmosphere elements and form smog. Every reason mentioned above affects the health of humans, animals and plants negatively.


According to Earth Eclipse (2016), smog causes high ozone levels that irritate the respiratory system and cause “various human health problems such as emphysema, asthma, chronic bronchitis, lung infections, and cancers” (para. 9). Other terrifying problems that occur because of breathing the polluted air are premature deaths, birth defects and low birth weights among others. Plants exposed to smog have a reduced ability to cope with harmful contagions, and the productivity of crops decreases. Animals suffering from such pollution find it complicated to survive under such toxic conditions. The results of smog influence are alarming. The humanity should stop and think if it is possible to change anything at this stage of air pollution.Environmental Pollution Example Essay

Global means that may help reduce smog in the atmosphere are understandable. These methods contain lessening the usage of coal during the process of receiving the energy for industrial needs for example. But every single person in society may relief the situation with the help of simple steps, like using less coal for heating buildings, refusing to drive a car at least one day per week and any other vehicle transport any other day, as well as abandon smoking.

To summarize, environmental pollution is one of the chief problems in the world that is important to solve. There are different types of planet pollutants, but smog has the most damaging effects on the atmosphere of the earth. However, it is not late to improve the situation. The global lessening of wasting the resources and efforts of every single person may improve the state of planet’s health.Environmental Pollution Example Essay


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