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In response to at least two of your peers, address the following:

  • Suggest relevant strategies and techniques for your peers to use that you learned about in the module resources, making sure to use APA style citations to cite your source(s).
  • Elaborate on the general value and impact of successful techniques they mention in their initial post. English homework help

1-2 Milestone one


In this module, you learned how to select presentation topics and evaluate sources for credibility. In Milestone One, you will select a topic and credible resources based on a provided scenario, which you will continue to use throughout the course as you work on your course project. Selecting a topic and finding initial resources now will help you get a great start on your project and incorporate feedback from your instructor early on in the brainstorming phase of your presentation creation.



Your manager has asked that each person in your department select an emerging policy, practice, or process that is relevant to your career or professional development goals and present it to the team in an informative, unbiased presentation to share information about a variety of career-relevant topics. Because this is intended as professional development, your manager has also asked that your presentation use a variety of scholarly and popular resources, which the team could consult on an ongoing basis to learn more or stay informed. English homework help


As your presentation topic, select a current or emerging policy, practice, or process that is relevant and applicable to your career or professional development goals. Then select at least five resources to increase your understanding of the topic. Potential topic examples, by specialty, could include:

  • Any: remote work policies
  • Human resources/management: performance evaluation processes
  • Criminal justice: body camera policies
  • Education: personalized education plans
  • Communication: First Amendment (free speech)
  • Healthcare: HIPAA

You are free to select any one of these topics or another of your choosing. The above are just suggestions.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Topic Selection: Choose a relevant topic for your informative business presentation and explain how it relates to your career or professional development goals.
  • Intended Audience: Describe the intended audience for your presentation and explain:
    • How is this topic relevant for them?
    • What can they learn from your presentation? English homework help
  • Resource Selection: List at least five resources that you will use to support your presentation that meet the following requirements:
    • At least two resources are scholarly
    • Each resource is cited using APA-style citations
    • Each resource is credible

Submit a 1–2 paragraph response and references in a Microsoft Word document. Sources should be cited according to APA style. English homework help

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