English homework help

I need a write-up of a Classical Argumentative topic on; ” Should Schools Have Armed Guards?”

It should be written following a possible modified outline document attached below.

It should comprise of 7-8 logical and concise paragraphs of about 5 pages and works cited page.

I need it in 13 hours. English homework help 


Classical Argument Outline : Should Schools Have Armed Guards?


  2. Hook:

The world is changing in many aspects and a lot has changed such that humanity is slowly diminishing as people develop their own rules and understanding of how the world should run.


  1. Background/context:

Since the 2012 elementary shooting that led to the loss of lives for both students and teachers, precautions have been made and some rules revised for the safety of the students at school.


  1. Thesis:

Schools should have armed guards as a risk management strategy because matters of insecurity have risen so much that even students are no longer safe, not from themselves.

  2. History/background of your topic (neutral)

In addition to the 2012 elementary shootings, a lot of violence in our society has been attributed to excessive and rampant possession of firearms by youths in particular.


  1. Any key words/terms that need to be defined

Juvenile delinquency, NGOs, incentive


  1. Overview of your position on the issue (broad explanation of your argument; might include support from sources):

I strongly believe that if schools have armed guards, it will go a long way to reduce and eventually stop the highly tragic and disturbing use of arms by students against students in most schools. English homework help

  1. ARGUMENT PARAGRAPHS (Sub claims must be arguable)
  2. Sub Claim #1:

Children are always calm and innocent until they visit school where they are exposed to so much from the society.

  1. Supporting evidence:
    This is because the school environment is packed with students with different behaviors from different homes and backgrounds with most lacking parental care and exposed to a lot of ills in the neighborhoods.



  1. Sub Claim #2:

The people the society expects to be responsible as the future generation are the ones spoilt at a disappointing age.

  1. Supporting evidence:
    A lot of students are rapidly dropping out of schools and billionaires are rather recruiting teachers to teach their children at home to avoid contamination.
  1. Sub Claim #3:
    1. Human rights and children’s rights at large are very sensitive topics in the world today as a lot of efforts are geared towards making this experience friendlier to the world. English homework help


  1. Supporting evidence;
    A lot of NGOs and the government are working on sensitization and preservation of the above rights .
  1. Additional sub claim(s) if needed:
  2. Supporting evidence;
    The best way to reduce gun violence is by reducing the number of guns in possession on the streets but unfortunately the network of gangs involved is so complicated and dangerous.
  4. Major objection to your main claim/thesis:

Evidence to disprove/refute the objection:

However, there are a good number of students who are true to their intentions in school but due to peer pressure go through a lot of obstacles as they lack the correct and effective mechanism to project their voice.


  1. Second objection to your main claim/thesis (if needed):
  3. Summary of argument, main points, call to action, etc.

The government together with school administration and parents should come up with very strong and binding laws that will effect the arming of guards in school so as to curb the very disturbing rise in gun battles and general violence in our school communities. English homework help

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