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Business Communication: Effective Writing, Editing, Presentation Feedback

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

This week, we learned about the importance of editing, practice, and feedback in creating effective communications. The editing process might involve organizing your content in the most effective way, cutting irrelevant content, or checking grammar and spelling. Rehearsing is an important part of the editing process, and rehearsing a presentation could including practicing in front of mirror, practicing in front of another person, or recording yourself. Finally, asking for constructive criticism helps you gain insight into how your communication will be perceived by another person.

Make a brief speech to your work team, the whole department, or the whole organization, about how to solve the organizational problem discussed in Week Three (attached). If that problem is unappealing, you may select some other organizational situation for which you will present your ideas or review ideas. English homework help

I have done the formatting so that questions will be boldface in answers and normal type throughout. Please check your work for paragraphs, topic sentences, grammar (everyone is allowed a few typos!), and white space.


What is the theme of thesis of this speech, stated in a complete sentence? If you can word it like a LEDE, all the better.

If you have two or three main points that might be written out as sentences, that would add a lot to our understanding. No more than three main points, please.

Who is the audience: the work team, the department, the whole organization?

Briefly describe demographic and psychographic factors you will take into account. For example, if your audience is six people with whom you work in a casual atmosphere, the speech is likely to be more casual than if you are addressing several hundred people, including the organization’s CEO.

What would you focus on during the editing process to improve the reception of your speech by the intended audience? Metcalfe (2022) gives us specific editing and revision topics. Please reflect that in this answer.

How could you go about getting constructive feedback on your presentation?  

Give us a specific person you would ask, why you selected that person, and write out the language you use like a little script for asking for that feedback.

During the presentation, you notice several members of the audience starting to look bored and drifting off to sleep. What could you do to reengage your audience in the presentation? 

Week 3 assignment:


Share either (a) an experience you had in which you took part in resolving an organizational problem or (b) a current problem you are facing in your organization. 

Working in a community organization has good experience and, at times, quite different ones. The experience I had in which I resolved an organizational problem is addressing communication barriers. Communication barrier is a major issue, especially with different situations within an organization (Ali, 2017). The community organization’s main focus was to promote health within the community. Therefore, the group’s shared purpose was to ensure patient health is a top priority in our daily endeavors. English homework help


What was the shared purpose of the group, and how could an understanding of this shared purpose help group members work toward a positive outcome?

I can say that an understanding of this shared purpose helped group members work towards ensuring the community’s well-being. With such understanding, every member finds the group’s shared purpose quite simple and effective. The group’s shared purpose increased members’ commitment towards achieving the group’s common purpose (Ali, 2017). They were able to conduct community health promotion programs to educate the community on the importance of consuming healthy diets, doing physical activity, and leading a healthier lifestyle. Whereas individuals within an organization may have different work experiences and perspectives, the shared purpose ensures everyone has the same vision in handling every situation. The common vision ensures everyone is dedicated to the work and towards a positive outcome.



What channels of communication were present in the organization? Were they effective? Why or why not?

Faster, effective, and efficient communication barriers help address the problem of communication barriers. The selected communication channels were easier for everyone to understand the message being communicated (Bucata & Rizescu, 2017). We ensured communication was made instantly in emergencies, and every member followed them without hesitation. These have been very effective, and patient health remains our top priority. Everyone understands that we are part of the organization, something that keeps us in a right-minded state.


What role did leadership play in effective problem solving and organizational communication?

Leadership plays a crucial role in handling critical situations. Leadership achieves effective problem solving and organizational communication by leading as an example. When the whole team is clueless and bushed in critical situations, leading by example effectively handles such situations. The leadership also sets rules for every member to follow and work under them. It may also help to create a good communication system.

What methods did you use, or could you now use to improve organizational communication to solve the problem? 

It is not so easy to solve communication problems. It would be helpful to create a good and healthy relationship with everyone within the group/organization. Healthy relationships will create a better understanding among members (Bucata & Rizescu, 2017). Most importantly, maintaining a system that will work effectively is necessary to allow each member to tackle every situation. English homework help



Ali, M. (2017). Communication skills 2: overcoming barriers to effective communication. Nursing Times, 114 (1), 40-42. https://www.nursingtimes.net/clinical-archive/assessment-skills/communication-skills-2-overcoming-the-barriers-to-effective-communication-18-12-2017/

Bucata, G., & Rizescu, M. A. (2017). The Role of Communication in Enhancing Work Effectiveness of an Organization. Land Forces Academy Review, 22(1), 49-57.http://dx.doi.org/10.1515/raft-2017-0008

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