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Please read ONE of the attached opinion pieces about Beyoncé’s video for “Formation”. Then write at least three paragraphs, in MLA format, where you:

1) Give the title, author, and describe the main argument of that opinion piece (one paragraph or more).

2) Present at least one quote from the opinion piece  and describe whether you think it provides strong or weak support for their argument. Use a quote sandwich, with MLA citations for the criticism piece and for the video; see attached file below for help with citations.

3) Then describe your own response to that point.  Based on your evaluation of the video,  do you agree or disagree with this point from the opinion piece?  You can also describe whether you agree/disagree/partially agree with the overall argument in the opinion piece, if you choose to.  Remember to refer to specific images from the video to support your analysis.  You can refer to the lyrics if you choose to, but primarily you are trying to analyze the visual elements of Beyonce’s video. English homework help

4) Upload this entire reflection (description of opinion piece, quote and analysis of opinion piece, your response to the opinion piece on that point you just discussed)


Opinion Pieces

a) Analysis of visual elements/symbolism in “Formation” – read this for a mostly positive opinion on different groups that one filmmaker sees represented in the video, including New Orleans residents and queer folk/queer culture of New Orleans, and Black Lives Matter imagery


b) “Formation” as affirmation of Southern Blackness/ Southern Black women – read this for a discussion of how Beyonce represents herself as a Southern Black woman, and how she represents Southern Black woman/female-identified folk in the video; this discussion includes the imagery and some lyrics


c) “Formation” exploits New Orleans’ trauma – read this for more depth on specific New Orleans imagery featured in the video, including a discussion of the women wearing white dresses in the plantation house; this author has a very harsh opinion of the video


Other Resources

I) Video of “Formation” by Beyoncé   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrCHz1gwzTo 

II) Lyrics for “Formation” : https://genius.com/Beyonce-formation-lyrics

III) “That B.E.A.T” documentary on New Orleans “bounce” music (approx. 10 minutes) ; several clips are used uncredited in Beyonce’s video :      https://vimeo.com/58423297

IV) Watch me create a Works Cited entry for oaAne of these articles, using EasyBib; it’s at 0.00-6:10 minute mark in this video: https://us-lti.bbcollab.com/recording/5fe510f20a9445ff841f1e4b874eac52

V) Help with citations for “Formation” materials- this gives rules for in-text citations, and the correct Works Cited entries for all Part Two articles:
Beyonce response paper citations 2021.docx
VI) Help with quote sandwiches – see They Say/ I Say chapter three in your text or here:
They Say Chaps 2 and 3(1).pdf English homework help

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