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Click on the links above and see the famous Dorothea Lange “Migrant Mother” the photo offers an excellent opportunity to consider point of view in photography. This very famous portrait by photographer Dorothea Lange was originally photographed with black-and-white film. A book by Neil Scott-Petrie, Dorothea Lange Color, turns Dorothea Lange’s images from the Great Depression into color images.  The image on the right is the original black-and-white photograph from the Library of Congress. The image on the left, has color added to it.


Study the image by Dorothea Lange titled “Migrant Mother.”

Read about Dorothea Lange and how she came to make this image.

Describe the tones, lines, shapes, texture, and space you see in the original black and white image. Do you see any composition elements of design utilized? What do you notice first in this picture? Where is your eye led? How many faces do you see? What are the people wearing? How are they posed? Where are their hands resting? How are the hands important to the composition? English homework help

Which image do you feel is more impactful and why? Give me your thoughts on how color changes this image for you. Do you think technology improves this image? Do you think it is right to change the way in which this famous image is taken?

Look up and include in your paper the other 4 images Lange took that day of this mother and her family.

Speculate on why this one image from the series became an icon of the Great Depression.

Use your own words in writing this paper.

No quotes. Please research and read about this image but this is your analysis, not someone else’s.

When you are done you should have 4 pages.

Two written (double spaced), one source list with a minimum of three sources.

Make the source list with active links, and

one page should contain the other 4 images Lange took that day of the same mother and her family. English homework help

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