empirical research article

Resources: The Course Textbooks
Write a 700 to 1050 word study guide based on a peer reviewed empirical research article (you can use one from your week 1 or 2 assignment, if you like, as long as it is peer reviewed and empirical).
Explain/define the following terms/concepts, and how the article exemplifies each of them:

  • Population of interest
  • Sample of participants (or “subjects”)
  • Independent variable(s)
  • Dependent variable(s)
  • Types of study designs
  • Internal validity
  • Threats to internal validity
  • External validity

Use headings for each of these topics in the paper.
Cite the article, the textbooks and your other sources as appropriate throughout your assignment, and provide references, in proper APA formatting.  Use only credible sources of information.

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