Email Authenticity Research Essay

Email Authenticity Research Essay

Email authenticity is used as a way to verify that an email is from an individual or an institution. Email authentication is a significant process in improving an individual’s deliverability score.Email Authenticity Research Essay

In my opinion, to be more convinced that a particular email is authentic, an individual has to check the sending email address. The ability to differentiate between a genuine email and a fake one also depends on the sender. Besides to be more convinced that an email is being sent from the real source and not from another source, an individual checks the email header (Nightingale, 2017). One way of confirming the source is by basically clicking on the show details arrow bellow the name of the sender. Therefore, more conviction that an email is genuine is realized when it contains both the mailed-by and signed-by fields. However, an email that does not bear the mailed-by and signed-by fields automatically casts uncertainty on the authenticity of the email. Also, if the mail does not bear the domains of the individual or the institution it is believed to be from, it least convinces an individual on its genuineness.Email Authenticity Research Essay


           In my opinion, physical separation increases the performance time for a process as the device allocated to the process cannot be used by another process at the same time. As a result, the latter process has to wait until the previous process releases the device. In a nutshell, physical separation is time-consuming and expensive and especially when more devices are needed (Nightingale, 2017). Besides, physical separation also reduces application time, since the hardware waiting time is increased. With the process operating parallel, the empty resource can be allocated to another process but in the hardware, they are separately allocated. Email Authenticity Research Essay

In conclusion, to be more convinced that a particular email is trustworthy, an individual has to check at the sending email address and the email header. The ability to differentiate between a genuine email and a fake one also depends on the sender. Besides, when verifying emails, individuals should ensure that the sending email address is from the individuals and companies they believe it is from.


Nightingale, S. (2017). Email Authentication Mechanisms: DMARC, SPF and DKIM. National Institute of Standards and Technology , 1-43.Email Authenticity Research Essay

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