Effective leadership and Management in Nursing

In this section we develop a method you will use to manage your unit/department by answering the questions below:

Attract: As a nursing leader, what characteristics are you looking for in the staff you would like to work with? and why should they choose you as a leader/ to work for?

Retain: Why will the staff want to remain employed to you?

Scheduling: How will you ensure that you have enough staff for your unit/department without going to overtime?

Staff Development: How will you ensure that you and your staff remain compliant with educational requirements to engage in continuous improvement?

Absenteeism: What guidelines will you put in place to control absenteeism on your unit/department?

Disruptive Staff: How will you lead staff who are disruptive?

Emergencies and Workplace violence: How will you protect your staff from workplace violence?

Collaboration: The patients on your unit complains that they are not getting their meals warm and what personnel will you engage in an effort to resolve this issue?

Delegation: Patient complains that they are not getting their blood sugar checked and their insulin administered before meals. How will you delegate responsibilities to resolve this issue?

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