Effect Of Aids And The Impact On People

Effect Of Aids And The Impact On People

Do you know the effect of aids and the impact it has had on people? What makes it different from other STDs ?.Not many know the full extent to this disease or that the virus has actually been around since the 1920’s. But the first recorded person was in 1980’s. It is widely believed that aids came from in Kinshasa the Democratic Republic of Congo. Crossed from chimpanzees to humans. HIV was something new for people it was unknown and the transmission of this disease had no signs or symptoms.But it does not take away from the fact that this is a very serious disease and should be taken more seriously.Effect Of Aids And The Impact On People


There is still no known cure to date but with strict anti-retroviral therapy it can slow the disease and the progress it has on a person. The U.S statistics claim that more than 1 million people in the U.S have been affected and are now living with the disease. About 38,500 people in the U.S were newly infected with HIV in 2015. Many people don’t even know they can carry the disease and 1 in every 7 actually carry the disease. The LGBT community, more gay or bisexual men are more likely or are at a greater risk of contracting the disease. With an estimated number of 26,200 of new spread. Many people who have AIDs or HIV do not normally have symptoms in the beginning but after a few weeks people will develop flu like symptoms. For example , fever,sore throat and Fatigue. But since is not talked as much around people and kids lack being taught these serious diseases as well as lack of teaching sexual education. This may cause young adults lack of intelligence in these types of situations. Although the diseases are known we are not taught the full extent of the actual disease.Effect Of Aids And The Impact On People

We all know there is cure but their can always be a prevention and treatment. But it will have to start with the teaching and how much people are aware of the disease. Like I stated in my previous paragraph it can be due to the lack of teaching. But mostly due to unprotected sex and the risky behaviors kids now have. Young adults begin to wonder and explore which they do not realize how bad the outcome can be. But as far as prevention scientist have developed drugs to fight off the infection and the disease. Also with new therapy it can extend years to a person life who has been affected by this disease. Since this new drug and therapy it has decreased the average rates of a person affected by this disease as well as death’s in the United States. To conclude, AIDs/HIV is no laughing matter. It has taken lives and affected many people. With no cure makes it even worse to many people it means no hope for the future. But what people do not know there is hope. There is prevention and it starts with how well you protect yourself. This generation is the future and it is up to us to decide if we want to carry out these diseases. Effect Of Aids And The Impact On People

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