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Objective:  To define who you are as a communicator.  You will be a better speaker and listener by having a better understanding of the person you are!  


  1. Explore some exciting aspects of a VIP-­You!  The college years are indeed a time for reflective communication with yourself and refinement, so for this assignment, you will compose a typed, double-­spaced, 4-5 page paper (pages include your visual representation) using a 12-point font (Times New Roman or Arial) and submit Friday by 11:59 Blackboard. In this paper, you will utilize the Johari Window to see yourselves compared to how others see you.  Hopefully, you will take the time to be reflective, insightful, and sincere.  This paper will not be publicly displayed or presented; ;  I will be the only one to see and grade this assignment.  Education homework help


  1. Include the following in your paper as the body, BUT don’t forget to include an introduction and conclusion:


    • . Visual Presentation of YOU:  Submit a creative, visual representation of you or some part of you.  You can design your creative work on PowerPoint, Prezi, collage, or video and submit it with your paper, or you can scan your work to submit.


    1. The Known Self:  What you know about yourself and what others know about you.    These are qualities and characteristics about yourself that you show to others.    This is the tip of the iceberg, qualities, and characteristics that you are willing to let everyone see.


    • The Hidden Self:  What you know about yourself that you do not readily share with others.    These are qualities and characteristics that you keep to yourself or only share with those with whom you feel “safe”.    Typically, these qualities and characteristics are those you developed because of some experience.


    1. The Blind Self:  These are qualities and characteristics that others use to define or describe you that you are unaware of.    You will need to ask others, such as your family and friends, what characteristics or qualities they see in you that you are not aware of.


    1. The Unknown Self:  Knowledge neither you nor others have about you because of your lack of experience.  Use this page to describe the type of person you aspire to be in the different facets of your future life.    Remember to use positive self-­fulfilling prophecy statements.  Education homework help



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