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Please introduce yourself. This entails your name, your major, your hobbies, etc. After you have introduced yourself, please answer the two questions below and respond to one of your classmates.
1. Please answer each question separately.
2. Do not combine your answers together. Each answer to each question will be graded separately.
3. You must submit a paragraph for each question. Your paragraph must consist of five to seven sentences.
4. Respond to at least one of your classmates. Please indicate your classmate name in your response.
5. A greeting is not a response, you will not receive points.
6. Please click on your Discussions tab and submit your reply.
7. Click reply for the box to appear and click submit to submit your response.
1. What is a social problem?
2. How does the role of social policy address social problems?
3. Reply to one of your classmates. Please indicate your classmate (s) name in your reply to him or her. Education homework help


My name is Helmuth Wenneker, please call me Dutch. I’m a business major. I enjoy troubleshooting anything entailed in a house, I manage several rental properties, I’m a crew chief in the Air Force Reserve, and I enjoy training martial arts.
1. A social problem is an area that creates conflict among peoples, detracts from quality of life, or negates the ability to pursue one’s goals. An example of the interpersonal conflict can be traced back for as long as civilization has been recorded, people have been opposed to groups and others around them since before the bible. Historically, a major point of friction has been religion. Something that detracts from the quality of someone’s life might be out of control of that person to address, but proper social policy may alleviate that pain. A good example of this may be predatory lending. Which is any agreement that would metaphorically thrust a person into a pit they can’t escape from, for example in Upton Sinclair’s book, “The Jungle” the family is illiterate and is taken advantage of in their initial lease agreement. Finally, being able to chase your aspirations is psychologically critical to the individual. If we are working jobs with no growth possible, a meager standard of living, and a low quality of life, it would be just a matter of time before negative events begin to spiral out of control. Education homework help

2. Social policy is a sensitive subject for several reasons. Before we dive into policy, we need to understand that just because I am encountering an issue, doesn’t mean that it is very common, nor is it anyone else’s responsibility to address my problems, nor is it fair to incur a cost on a stranger to aid in the reconciliation of my actions. But certain issues affect millions of people, let’s say sixteen percent of a sample group are facing a similar issue, this is where social policy comes into play. Social policy will take steps, possibly amending legislation, or starting organizations, to make that hill a little less steep. Generally speaking, social policy can’t remove the problem, but it can put ointment on the burn, it can limit the spread of the fire. Be aware that when social policy is enacted, it comes at a cost to you, and your neighbor, and your kids later. We often run into two opposing perspectives in which neither is willing to compromise, but at some  point, those two sides will have to meet in the middle and come to an agreement, this is when policy is made. Education homework help


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