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Discussion: Assessing Children’s Growth—A Piece of the Evaluation Process

Above all, we must guarantee that assessment reflects our highest educational goals for young children and neither restricts nor distorts the substance of their early learning.

—National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER), 2003

Academic assessments have received a lot of media attention over the last decade. From the topic of political debates to rants on social media, the assessments which gauge academic progress radiate polarized views about effectiveness, validity, and cost. For every supporter who links testing to accountability, there is a colleague, family member, or friend who opposes mandated testing due to its omnipresence throughout the school year. Education homework help

Interestingly enough, assessment is not a new idea. Assessing academic progress has naturally gone hand in hand with schooling as far back as anyone can remember. From the earliest records of apprenticeships to the first brick and mortar schools, assessments have determined whether young children were retaining information and furthermore, if they could demonstrate mastery against a specific set of standards.

What then, has changed; and, where do you lie on the assessment spectrum? Are assessments the pillars to ensure the promotion of healthy development for all young children; or, do these assessments and their external factors restrict and distort early learning experiences?

In this Discussion, you explore the role of assessments in today’s early childhood programs. You also examine the controversy that is commonly associated with this piece of the program evaluation process.



To prepare

Revisit the Epstein article, first explored in Module 1, and reflect on the relationship between the promotion of healthy development across all domains of children’s growth (physical, intellectual, and social-emotional) and annual assessments. Then, consider her question, “How do you define and measure [program] quality without … children’s test scores…?” (Epstein, p. 1). As you begin this Discussion, also reflect on the controversy that is commonly associated with formally assessing a child’s growth. Specifically, consider the societal, political, and economic factors that may drive this controversy.


Part 1

By Day 3 of Week 3

Post an explanation of the relationship between healthy development across all domains and annual assessments. Then, explain the impact this relationship has had on today’s early childhood programs and why. Support your post with content from required readings and viewings, information garnered from your own research and your own experiences. Support your statements with in-text citations and references. Education homework help

Read and reflect upon your colleagues’ postings.


Part 2

By Day 7 of Week 3

Post an explanation of how societal, political, and/or economic factors drive the controversy associated with the assessment piece of program evaluations. In addition, explain how this controversy might impact or has impacted the perceived effectiveness of early childhood programs. Education homework help

Read and reflect upon your colleagues’ postings.




By Day 3 of Week 4

Respond to two or more of your colleagues’ postings by acknowledging their contributions to your own learning. Extend your response by including one or both of the following in your response:

  • Propose additional impacts formal assessments might have on child outcomes and healthy development.
  • Explain how societal, political, and/or economic factors might also impact the perceived progress of children’s growth and healthy development related to your colleagues’ posts.

Support comments made in your responses with in-text citations and references.










Part 2 of discussion Response


By Day 7 of Week 4

Return to this Discussion at least 3–4 times in the second week of the module to read the responses to your initial posting and other recent postings. Note what you have learned and/or any insights you have gained as a result of the comments your colleagues made and the connections you have made with the Learning Resources. Then, respond to two or more colleagues with questions or insightful comments.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific in-text citations and references to the Learning Resources and your own research following the APA style guide.






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