Ecology Research Assignment

Ecology Research Assignment
Choose one of the assignments described below. Research the required information and write a short paper on the topic. The paper should be at least 4 pages in length including title page and reference page, no larger than size 12 font, no more than 1.5 spacing between lines. Please properly cite your source(s). No plagiarizing!

Topic Choices

*Invasive species

Choose an invasive species and research the following: What is the definition of invasive species? Name and describe your chosen species. What is its native country/area? What areas has it invaded? What is the result of this invasion (be specific)? Is there a plan to eradicate or control the species? Has the plan been successful?

*Keystone species

Choose a keystone species and research the following: What is the definition of keystone species? Name and describe your chosen species. Where does it live? Why is it considered a keystone species? What is its role in its community and what might happen if it was removed from this community?

*Rehabilitation/restoration of an ecosystem

Choose an ecosystem that has been disrupted by human activities and is now being (or has been) restored and research the following: Where is the ecosystem? What kind of ecosystem is it (desert, river, swamp, etc.)? What was it like before human disruption? What impact has the disruption had on the ecosystem (be specific)? What is being done to restore/rehabilitate the ecosystem? Has it been successful?

*Population control policies of Japan, Thailand, China, or India

Choose one of these countries and research the following: What are the population numbers in this country? What are the living conditions like? What is the population control policy, and how long has it been in effect? What results have they seen or do they hope to see? What attitudes do the citizens of the country have toward the policy?

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