Drug Abuse and Teens’ Sexual Health Issues

Drug Abuse and Teens’ Sexual Health Issues

In my previous research, I underlined the fact that there is a close and dangerous relationship between drug abuse and sexual behaviors among teenagers (Rees, Argys, & Averett, 2001) despite the issue being constantly under looked. Most of the sexually active teens indulge in unprotected sex with multiple partners, and the threat of unwanted pregnancies due to the influence of drugs has facilitated the inappropriate use of contraceptives among teenage girls. I further highlighted CASACU (2001) mention that researchers have confirmed that the number of teenage drug abusers is continuing to increase in most societies and this trend has caused sexual health hazards to many teenagers. It also revealed an intriguing statistic that a quarter of people who started using drugs below 18 years of age are drug addicts. On the other hand, only one out of 25 people of those people who start using drugs at the age of 21 or later becomes addicts.Drug Abuse and Teens’ Sexual Health Issues

Additionally, I outlined some problems teens face that can be presented as to why some teens behave the way they do, the main reason being peer pressure. To add to this, I clearly underscored that compared to adults; teens are more at risk to sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, the opinion that teens find it easier to discuss drug related issues than sexual issues highlights the difficultly to find out the exact number of teens’ who have been directly affected. Finally, I called out for more research to explain the correlation between drug abuse and sexual health issues, as the present research is too shallow and particularly inconclusive.


Current Background

In my opinion, a hypothesis would be more applicable in this case rather than a research question. This is because the topic at hand, “The Relationship between Drug Abuse and Teens’ Sexual Health Issues” can be empirically tested and the tests can be replicated (Cassuto, 2006). Futhermore, it can be easily supported or refuted after careful observation or experimentation. Moreover, it cannot be totally proven or disputed on whether or not increase in sexual health issues among teens directly relates to the high usage of drugs or the inverse is true. A hypothesis would also create a more open environment for other interesting parties to be involved in the research of the topic in question rather than passing off ones ideas and creating bottlenecks for other prospective, interested parties (Borwein, 2008).Drug Abuse and Teens’ Sexual Health Issues

This will create better demarcations as to whether or not the topic bares weight in a realistic setting or if only applicable in theoretical setting. A hypothesis will lead to the generation of more questions in relation to the topic. This will create a more detailed analysis based on different perspectives than one that is generated through a research question. Moreover, a research question will likely be more biased in terms of location, as the researcher will have to conduct research in his locality and depend on outsiders’ opinions, which cannot be proven nor disproved.


This study focuses on the hypothesis that teenagers who abuse drugs are more likely to suffer from sexual health issues than those who do not. I came up with this hypothesis based on the statistics by CASACU (2001) that brought to light the fact that, in most societies, there is a direct link between this to facts. Teenagers who are involved in drug abuse tend to have health-related problems and stand a higher chance of becoming addicts.Drug Abuse and Teens’ Sexual Health Issues

I can also attribute this decision based on my experiences with my friend. From the time she got involved in drug abuse to time, we started seeing how they affect her physical and emotional state. Her dangerous activities had not only torn her apart but also had dragged most of our other peers to her. Most people from my childhood who got involved in drug abuse have not only ended up in hospital due to sexual health complications, but some have even succumbed to the problems and died.

The fact that most teenagers prefer talk about drug abuse than their sexual issues creates a problem in proving my hypothesis. This is because as much I might want to try to get concrete information, they would most likely lie to protect their interests rather than be honest. It is going to be a problem to get them to admit why they engage in sexual activates when they are on drugs, or if they abuse drugs because they are ashamed of being involved in such practices. Without concrete evidence for or against, one would need the two events or even if it is a necessity for the two to occur or not, can only be identified if an honest bridge between adults and teens is created (Kaiser, 2001).Drug Abuse and Teens’ Sexual Health Issues


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