Do you favor socialized healthcare?

Do you favor socialized healthcare?. Economist George Stigler once wrote that, according to consumer theory, “if consumers do not buy less of a commodity when their incomes rise, they will surely buy less when the price of the commodity rises.” Explain this statement using the concepts of income and substitution effects.
Some AIDS activists believe that health insurance companies should not be allowed to ask applicants if they are infected with the HIV virus that causes AIDS. Would this rule help or hurt those who are HIV-positive? Would it help or hurt those who are not HIV-positive? Would it exacerbate or mitigate the problem of adverse selection in the market for health insurance? Do you think it would increase or decrease the number of people without health insurance? In your opinion, would this be a good policy? Explain your answers to each question. (there are many questions in this post still only needs 100 words)
Do you favor socialized healthcare?
How does the amount of GDP accounted for by the US gov’t compare to the GDP accounted for by other nation’s gov’ts (particularly European nations)?

Do you favor socialized healthcare?

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