Discuss verbal and rule governed behavior

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Fundamental Principles and Organizational Behavior
Human behavior is extremely complex, there are many factors that contribute to the occurrence of a specific behavior. This can get increasingly complex when analyzing behaviors within an organization. Your textbook includes a discussion of many principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and applications to Organizational Behavior management including conditioning, verbal behavior, and rule governed behavior.
For your Discussion you will review the fundamental principles of applied behavior analysis and extend your application by describing how these principles influence the behavior of individuals within organizations.

  1. Describe the following:
    1. respondent conditioning
    2. operant conditioning
  2. Provide a specific real life example of respondent and operant conditioning.
  3. Discuss verbal and rule governed behavior. Describe the importance of these concepts in understanding behavior and creating behavior management plans for organizations.

Notes: For your discussion of respondent and operant conditioning you should include a discussion of the key variables i.e unconditioned stimulus and conditioned stimulus for respondent and the three-term contingency for operant conditioning.
A minimum of 400 words including references, from: Redmon, W. K. (2001). Handbook of Organizational Performance, 1st Edition

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