Did you find that some people are stressed in a situation that others are not stressed in?

For each of the following life events, rate yourself on the following scale: Very Stressed; A Little Stressed; Not Stressed:

1. You just remembered that you have a big projec

2. You are driving to work or school and you are running a bit late.  The car in front of you is driving 5 mph under the speed limit and you are having trouble getting around him.

3. You just found out that you are going to be a parent.

4. You accidently dropped your cell phone in the toilet, and it is out of commission for at least a day or two, maybe longer.

Now, get with 4 other people and have them participate in the same activity while you log the results.

In the Discussion, tell about your findings.  Did you find that some people are stressed in a situation that others are not stressed in?  Did you discover that some people are more stressed than others in general, or that some are stressed in some situations but not in others?  What do you think the purpose of this activity is?  How do your findings relate to what you learned about in this module?  What is the most valuable lesson you learned in this module?

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