Diabetes type 2 Example Essay

Diabetes type 2 Example Essay


The following section discuss the background of diabetes type two. Diabetes is a killer disease in all parts of the world, affecting the elderly in most cases. According to Agardh et al, (2011) there are many types of diabetes affecting different age groups of people across the world. It arises as a result of metabolic impairment hindering conversion of excess sugar to fat or glycogen. Each year, millions of lives are lost due to this disorders. As at 2017, there were 533 million reported cases of diabetes death. Diabetes type two is a major type of diabetes which has cost the lives of 75 million people globally. Diabetes type 2 Example Essay

The disease generally affects people above the age of 45. However, with the changing face of technology and improved lifestyle, the disease is infiltrating to the young generation. The youth are developing the disease gradually with time to lifestyle dynamism. It raises concern and calls for action especially in United States.  Agardh et al, (2011) add that changing lifestyle is bringing more harm than good especially with the era of technology. It becomes important to analyse the prevalence of diabetes type two among the youth of America in order to save lives and increased cost of medication.Diabetes type 2 Example Essay

General problem statement

The general problem is increased incidence of diabetes type two among the youth of United States. According to Demmer et al, (2013) 6 million youths aged between 19 and 25 were diagnosed with this type of diabetes as at 2017. The development of the disease has been triggered by change in diet and lack of exercised. Technology has made work easier which has resulted to relaxed living. Majority of the youth are consuming food rich in calories especially the snacks which results to overweight and obesity. In addition, lack of exercise has fuelled obesity prevalence.


 Cali et al, (2010) stipulate that the current games preferred by many youth do not involve physical exercise. Computer games have alleviated the youth from physical exercises resulting to obesity. Obesity and overweight on the hand increases the risk of developing type two diabetes, which in turn predispose them to cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure. This is a serious problem because treatment to this condition is painful and financially challenging. Therefore, there is a need to address this situation.Diabetes type 2 Example Essay

Specific problem

The specific problem is increased incidence of diabetes type two among the youth in minority ethnic groups in United States. In America, diabetes type two is prevalent among some ethnic groups.  Cali et al, (2010) state that the African American and Asian Americans are more susceptible to the disease than Native and Hispanic American. The risk stands at 13.8 and 14.7 for the African and Asian American respectively. These percentages are high which raises a lot of concern. Similarly, among the youth the same case is happening. The number of youth diagnosed with this type of diabetes is escalating slowly due to feeding habits.

Demmer et al, (2013) state that this phenomenon has been fuelled by physical inactivity, life insecurity and financial constraints. The environment in which these people live is characterised by violence and crimes making it unsuitableto carry out exercises. Such life threatening environment make majority of the youth opt the passive games such as computer games foregoing the beneficial active games.Diabetes type 2 Example Essay

More so, financial constraint make the youth consume sugary food which are often cheaper than the nutritious expensive food causing resulting to diabetes.  Cali et al, (2010) add that cheaper edibles are often cheaper in terms of price compared to nutritious food.  The escalating number of youth diagnosed with type two diabetes among the minority group calls for attention.


H1. There is a correlation between obesity among the minority youth and type 2 diabetes in United States.

Ho. There is no correlation between obesity among the minority youth and type 2 diabetes in United States.Diabetes type 2 Example Essay

Reference list

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