Describe the six components of a concept map.

Describe the six components of a concept map.. 1. Read the PowerPoint entitled: A Concept-Based Approach to Learning
2. View the embedded videos
a. What is concept based learning? (Amy Bray)
b. What is a concept?
c. Concept Mapping
d. Simple nursing concept maps
e. Critical thinking strategies: concept mapping
f. Nursing Process Overview: ADPIE (Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation) (Laura Killiam)
3. Answer the following questions under the assignment tab in Canvas by the due date posted.
a. What is concept-based learning?
b. Discuss ways that conceptual-based educational approaches promote learning.
c. Describe the six components of a concept map.
d. Identify student responsibilities in a concept based learning experience.
e. Describe the basic steps for creating a concept map.
f. What is ADPIE? Define each letter
g. Identify at least 6 advantages to using the nursing process
h. How do you plan to apply the information in this power point and videos to facilitate learning?
i. Develop a contract/plan identifying what you plan to do in order to meet your goals of successfully completing nursing school.

Describe the six components of a concept map.

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