Describe one (1) significant goal of nursing care for this patient related to each problem you have identified

The assessment applies to the following subject learning outcomes:
1) Demonstrate an understanding of the pathophysiology and risk factors of common alterations in movement and coordination; regulation, and ingestion, digestion, absorption and metabolism.
2) Identify relevant tests and investigations appropriate to diagnose problems; describe methods and techniques used to conduct a comprehensive nursing history and physical examination; identify and integrate presenting problems across the lifespan to develop appropriate evidence-based therapeutic treatments and nursing management plans
Assignment instructions
Using the Clinical Reasoning Cycle as a guide, you are required to discuss the
Health assessment,
Clinical findings,
Goals of care and nursing care strategies of one commonly encountered neurological or musculoskeletal condition.
This essay will be written on Compartment Syndrome
Key components of the assignment:
Select a relevant condition and provide a brief overview of the underlying pathophysiology, including any risk factors and/or precipitating causes. (500 words)
Identify the specific assessment data you would need to gather from a patient presenting with your chosen condition. Focus on history, physical examination and investigations. (This can be done in table format).
Briefly describe three (3) major problems or issues that may be seen in a patient with this condition based on your reading of current literature and derive nursing diagnoses. (600 words)
Describe one (1) significant goal of nursing care for this patient related to each problem you have identified. That is, one goal or desired outcome for each problem. Use the clinical reasoning cycle as your guide. Briefly outline why this goal is important in addressing each problem. (300 words)
Discuss the associated nursing care strategies necessary to meet each of these goals. Include a succinct summary of the rationale for the strategies. The discussion of nursing strategies and their rationale must be evidence-based and reflect current literature and/or national/international guidelines. (600 words)

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