Dental Hygiene Assignment Essay

Dental Hygiene Assignment Essay

I share a similar ambition with The University of Michigan. Just like the University of Michigan, I relentlessly labor to discover the confines of nature by surpassing anticipations. The desire to help people maintain oral hygiene which is an essential part of our lives drives me into joining this prestigious institution of learning. I believe that the institution’s ability to offer training programs on science is an added advantage considering the program I am supposed to enroll.Dental Hygiene Assignment Essay I am sure that engaging in this program will make me feel more alive and engaged like never before. Learning some of the most common dental problems, what to look for, which steps to take, and how to approach treatments is my joy. Therefore, my dream of being the best specialist in dental hygiene brings me to this institution of learning. Thanks to the institution’s history of producing the best medics, I now know better that this prestigious learning institution holds my future due to its ability to provide specialized education on dental hygiene.

Apart from dental hygiene, I am attracted to this institution of learning by other factors. For instance, I look forward to associating and sharing ideas with the various groups of individuals who the institution passionately puts up with and who share a common dream. Just like me, they are willing to join the institution due to its ability to value and respect diversity. From a personal point of view, the achievement of honesty and success by the university largely depends on its ability to host students from countries all over the world. I firmly believe that having been brought up by parents with a background in dental hygiene will provide an applicable perspective for a successful future. Indeed this would be the ultimate triumph I can envision.Dental Hygiene Assignment Essay


Stress on diversity is not only found in the university but also the various specific departments established in these learning institutions. Apart from its ever-increasing racial and ethnic diversity, the learning institution has become a powerhouse in creating a place for every learner. Nonetheless, this does not segregate learners by compelling them to labor and relate merely with persons pursuing their exact courses.  As an alternative, it is the unlimited relations among students from all faculties that allows the institution to generate a conducive learning environment that represents the society as a whole. Therefore, this learning institution is not only the right place for me but is a mere place for me. Indeed, having the willingness to take in any available knowledge in my field of study, I am sure that I can take an active part in helping Michigan University create an enabling environment that encourages logical curiosity.Dental Hygiene Assignment Essay

At the School of Health Sciences at Michigan University, education and research are related. I, therefore, have the chance of conducting more research on advanced ways of dealing with issues related to dental health. Additionally, the institution supports other co-curricular activities such as football, volleyball, singing, and dancing, to name a few. The university is also involved in embracing the ever-changing technology. Through this, facilities necessary for different researches are readily available. Besides, lecturers in this institution of learning are highly qualified and are guided by ethical principles for the better good of the students and society as a whole. Security of students is also guaranteed, and anybody found guilty of harming a student, faces the full force of the law. Therefore, I believe this institution of learning is the best choice for me to continue nurturing my love for dental hygiene.Dental Hygiene Assignment Essay


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