Data Communication Research Paper

Data Communication Research Paper

Since time immemorial, the need to convey messages has been an integral part of human life. Today, communication is almost a basic necessity. Communication, which is the transmission of messages, takes different methods. Throughout the ages, the methods of communication have continuously evolved.Data Communication Research Paper

This communication evolution has moved from the early development of language and symbols to the present day use of advanced computer technology. The use of computer and internet forms the basis of data communication, which refers to transmitting digital messages.

These digital messages that thereafter received by other electronic devices called receivers. According to Blanchard (2007), the amazing development brought about by today’s use of data communication and networking is the enormous distances, short time period and accuracy in which messages are sent.


Communication network is concerned with connectivity of the computers, in order to enable sharing of data between the communicating parties. Such communication networks include the Local Area Network (LAN) for short distances and Wide Area Network (WAN) for long distances.Data Communication Research Paper

With the ever evolving and advancement of technology in communication networks, focus has now shifted to fine tuning the accuracy of transmission and security of the message being transferred.

The challenge here is brought about by the increasing need to convey data to distant places and to multiple destinations, which technologically results to distortion of messages as well as exposing the message to possible disclosure to unintended persons. Data communication has therefore, hugely eased message transmission.

In addition, data communication has continued to advance, while adhering to the rule of increasing the rate of data transmission with the least possible data interference and guaranteed data security (Strangio, 2012).


Blanchard, E. (2007). Introduction to data communications. Calgary, AB: Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

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