Data Analysis

DNP Project – Final Phase – Weekly discussion
Week 2 – Data Analysis (graded)
The discussion for this week is focused on data analysis. Describe your plans for data analysis. How will descriptive statistics assist you in evaluating your outcome? Does your question require looking at the difference between two (or more) groups? What statistical test will you use which is consistent with your question and the type of data produced by your evaluation method/tool?
Week 4 – Dissemination (graded)
The discussion for this week is focused on your final plans for dissemination. You have considered this issue when you developed your project proposal but your plans have likely changed. Describe your plan for sharing the results of your project with the stakeholders at your practicum/project setting. Also, describe plans for conference poster or podium presentation and publication. Do you have a specific regional or national conference in mind? Which journal are you considering for submission of your manuscript? Which of these will be most crucial for you to focus on to assure dissemination of your DNP Project results?
Week 5 – Sustainability (graded)
The discussion for this week is focused on sustainability. Will the change that you initiated for your DNP Project be sustained, modified, or discontinued? How is that being determined? What plans have you made for your exit? Will you continue work related to your practice problem? What are your next steps?
Week 6 – Portfolio (graded)
The discussion for this week is focused on the experience of developing a professional portfolio. How do you anticipate using your professional portfolio? As you reflected on your career while developing your professional portfolio, you likely reviewed your strengths and opportunities for growth. Please share anything you are comfortable with as a result of that self-evaluation. Also, share your long-term career goals and your plan for achieving those goals.
Week 7 – Transformation (Required, not graded)
The discussion for this week is focused on your transformation. As you complete your DNP Project final paper and presentation, and your portfolio, share with your instructor and your peers how you have been transformed through your entire DNP program experience.
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