Current Event Analysis Example Essay

Current Event Analysis Example Essay

As the 2018 Mid-term election continues, results are rolling in from each and every corner of the country, with the Democrat success rate within the House of Representatives rising to victory as voting comes to a close. “Democrats continued to expand their House majority over the weekend, with several key races decided in their favor” (Blaine and Agiesta, 2018). Democrats are defying the odds in this election, gaining the superior standing in counties that would normally identify as republican communities. “In California’s traditionally Republican Orange County, Democrats picked up three congressional seats, meaning the entire county will be represented by Democrats in Congress” (Blaine and Agiesta, 2018). Similar to Californian counties, votes in Utah have also leaned towards the Democratic side. “In the latest twist just before two long weeks of counting votes will officially end Tuesday, Democrat Ben McAdams regained his lead over GOP Rep. Mia Love. He now is ahead by 739 votes, or by a 50.14 percent to 49.86 percent margin, after updates posted Monday by Salt Lake and Utah counties” (Davidson, 2018). The change of representation across the country threatens to throw President Trump’s power into jeopardy.Current Event Analysis Example Essay

When January comes, Democrats will have taken the House of Representatives, Republicans have obtained more votes in the Senate. “In the Senate, Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson conceded on Sunday at the completion of a contentious recount in Florida, making Republican Gov. Rick Scott the winner of that closely watched contest. Scott’s victory brings the balance of power in the Senate come January to 52 seats for Republicans to 47 for Democrats” (Blaine and Agiesta, Mance 2 2018). The final Senate race will be held in a runoff election on November 27th in Mississippi, as it is the only unresolved race.Current Event Analysis Example Essay


Democrats continual gain of house seats has brought in a surge of power, as they will take the House of Representatives, “and with it, the ability to check President Trump’s power” (Vox Staff, 2018). While the Senate has been taken by the Republicans, the House of Representatives gives the Democrats an opportunity for representation that has been absent for years. “Now that Democrats have won the House, Republicans will no longer be able to pass legislation with GOP votes alone – instead, to get any bills through Congress, Trump will have to spar with Democrats. The new Democratic majority will also have subpoena power, which will help them investigate the Trump Administration far more aggressively. But since Democrats did not take the Senate, they did not gain the power to block Trump’s Supreme Court, Cabinet, and other nominees for the next two years. So Trump will continue to have the upper hand in confirming judges to lifetime posts” (Vox Staff, 2018).

With the election coming to a close, “The overall balance of power in the House come January stands at Democrats with 232 seats and Republicans with 200” (Blaine and Agiesta, 2018). “Republicans, however, performed strongly among the group of the Senate seats up that were on the ballot, and expanded their majority in the chamber” (Vox Staff, 2018). This Mid-term election is showing a true divide of power between the Democrats and Republicans, the House of Representatives and the Senate. However, this division of power could encourage well-rounded representation and could pave the way for compromise throughout the country.Current Event Analysis Example Essay

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