Critiquing Research Designs; Testing Validity assignments.

Critiquing Research Designs; Testing Validity assignments.. Analyze both studies you selected in Week 1 and utilize the information you gathered in the Week 3 Study Analysis: Critiquing Research Designs and Week 4 Study Analysis: Testing Validity assignments.
Write an evaluation of the research design for each study. Discuss whether the design was appropriate and why. Also highlight aspects of the design that could have been improved, particularly in relation to validity and reliability. Limit paper to 1000-1250 words.
Provide three APA-formatted in-text citations and references for all sources. You may include the articles you selected in Week 1 and Nursing Research as sources. Use the sample paper provided in the Materials section and include an APA-formatted title page.

Critiquing Research Designs; Testing Validity assignments.

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