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Budget Proposal Strategy

  1. Throughout this course, you will work on a budget proposal for a local or state (not federal) criminal justice agency (such as police department, a correctional institution, a sheriff’s office, etc.) of your choice. Most budgets have areas that are susceptible to challenge. Your task is to strategize a budget that addresses one such challenging area. This week, you research budget proposals to locate an example of a budget issue and then create a strategy to address that issue in the budget. In Week 4, you will incorporate feedback on your strategy as you create a final budget proposal. In Week 5, you will write a reflection on the budget proposal process.  Criminal homework help


    As you develop a budget strategy and prepare to create a budget proposal next week, perform an internet search for templates and examples of the following:

    • Budget strategy
    • Budget proposal
    • Cost worksheet
    • Research budget proposals from various criminal justice agencies. These are typically available publicly on the organization’s website or may be provided on request. In your research, look for trends in budget issues. Be sure to look at public sector funding and local and federal policies that impact budget planning. Criminal homework help

      Based on the budget issue trends you’ve found, select one budget issue that you’ll address in your own budget proposal for a criminal justice agency of your choosing.

      Create a 1,000- to 1,250-word budget strategy for a state or local (not federal) criminal justice agency of your choice. This strategy will inform the budget proposal you create in your Wk 4 assignment. Address the following in your strategy:

    • Provide an overview of the budget issue you chose and why you consider this an important issue for your selected criminal justice agency to overcome in the budget.
    • Explain how the budget issue might be different at a different level (i.e., state or local). Would it be applicable?
    • Explain your approach to the budget issue. Address the following:
    • Identify 2–3 suggestions on how to improve the budget issue.
    • Explain how governing policies may affect your approach to the budget issue.
    • Explain how public sector funding may affect your approach to the budget issue.
    • Detail your strategy for compiling your budget proposal and how it will address the budget issue.
    • Draft the cost worksheet that will be included in your budget.
    • Note: You may wish to organize this assignment in an outline format with tables to make it easier for you to transition information into your Wk 4 – Budget Proposal assignment. Criminal homework help

      Cite a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed sources. Remember, hyperlinks alone are not proper reference citations. Include all required information.

      Format your references according to APA guidelines. Proofread throroughly!

      Submit your assignment.


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