Conformity in Schools Sample Essay

Conformity in Schools Sample Essay

I firmly agree that conformity is central to the functioning of learning institutions and society as a whole. Conformity is one of the desirable characteristics of students because it makes it easier for them to fit in the outside world, especially in the employment sector.

I agree that schools should firmly support conformity, especially in the area of dress codes. Uniforms in schools allow for equality among all learners, thus reducing cases of bullying. Cases of students making fun of their fellow students because of what they wear are also avoided (McGee, 1996). Besides, a strict dressing code promotes a better learning environment through fewer distractions. Some individuals may argue that dress codes may interfere with individuality. Nonetheless, I firmly believe that if all learners wore the same school uniforms, they tend to focus on more important things, such as school work, which would improve their academic performance. Conformity in Schools Sample Essay


By understanding the reification of education and the importance of school uniforms in promoting conformity in schools, students can learn how to behave in groups. Students are therefore taught accepted codes of ethics which leads to the achievement of a civilized and democratic society (Neil, 2009). Students attending uniformed schools can acquire knowledge in an environment where their personal needs come after group interests. As a result, they become responsible members of the community who put the interest of others ahead of theirs which leads to coherence in society.

Reifying dress codes in schools do not necessarily interfere with the individuality of a student. Individuals can be innovative and add creative touches to their uniforms (John, 1969). Besides, the dominant culture that assumes that teachers hold all the knowledge can be avoided by allowing students to clinch various educational certainties such as imagination and the attainment of life skills such as communication skills. Conformity in Schools Sample Essay

Some individuals may reason out that we do not need schools in society as they cripple the abilities of students by disregarding their individualities. They may reason out that homeschooling has proven to be very successful as it has produced some of the most prominent personalities in the world (Taylor, 2003). However, I firmly believe that society needs schools and that should strictly support conformity. Students who attend learning institutions tend to be much disciplined as there are clear guidelines on what they are supposed or not supposed to do. For instance, learners are expected to attend classes on time and attend all lessons frequently. Besides, they are expected to accept responsibilities for their learning such as completing their assignments and respect their fellow students and teachers. Such students, therefore, become responsible members of society and find it easier to apply for jobs as they know how to act professional (Saldana, 2013). Besides, it makes them embrace cooperation due to the shared expressions, hence increasing the productivity of their firms.


Reification in schools involves not only behaving in a generally socially accepted way but also behaving in a way that is acceptable and encouraged in school environments. Equipping students with social responsibilities play a substantial role in the development of other intellectual abilities and promote healthy relationships among the students, peers, and teachers. Moreover, it provides a motivational incentive to become a successful individual in the future. However, the rules to be introduced should be reasonable (Rusli & Hadijah, 2017). Students tend to obey rules that they resonate with, such as etiquette rules. Forcing students to follow rules that they do not agree with can create a sense of resentment and negative behavior, which can affect their academic performance. Conformity in Schools Sample Essay

In conclusion, I firmly agree that conformity is central to the functioning of learning institutions and society as a whole. Schools should firmly support conformity, especially in the area of dress codes, as it creates equality among all learners. Besides, conformity does not interfere with a student’s individuality. Nonetheless, the rules to be introduced should be reasonable.


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Conformity in Schools Sample Essay

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